V.0.1.2.X Contents

V.0.1.2 Contents:-

1) Contracts:-

  • Evergreen University

2) Ghosts:-

  • Conjurer

  • You Rei?

3) Wendy Vessel & Cloths:-

  • White T-Shirt
  • Reiko CB cloths

4) Recruits:-

  • Tess/ Tess's Robot

  • Irene

5) Others:-

  • Olivia's Pendrive.
  • An urban legend.
  • Jennifer in Poker game.
  • Secret NPC Animations. 
  • Haunted doll animations update.
  • Sabrina gives you a video maker software (gallery).
  • Some site's prices are updated.

6) Bug Fixes/ Changes:-

  • Negative consumable after consuming them in HQ or tutorial level.
  • Some levels now give 20 % to 80% more reward money.
  • Ghost dialogues are now available in gallery.
  • New TV glitch fixed.
  • Stuck on ghost fail animation if playing on Nightmare difficulty or health is below 20.
  • Location name appears on screen for sometime.
  • Lust not appearing in some levels.
  • Tess's ghostpedia.
  • Delivery girls dialogues popping up.
  • Laser projector working even if not activated.
  • Missing collider in Tess's room.
  • More....

Update V.

  • There is a hint on where to find safe code in the university.
  • Wrong journal entry for vessel's second outfit set.
  • Ghost stuck in wandering state in Evergreen University.

Update V.

  • Change poker hand checking code. Now losing hand on a flush or straight may not happened.
  • Ted glitched after Irene rescues.
  • Missing animations in video maker gallery now unlocks.
  • Incorrect sprite and scaling fixed for gallery.
  • Gallery sprites are now 35% bigger.
  • Evergreen University name correction.
  • Conjurer and You-Rei incorrect names.
  • Stuck on Bansheep's secret animation.
  • Gina dialogue box issue.
  • Ghost sound for some animations in video maker.
  • 50% faster climax speed with Luna.
  • Background images unlocked even if no passes to those stages.
  • Lunch box and Milk max number increased to 6.
  • Tall Lady special animation glitch.
  • Conjurer now will not teleport to locked door like storage room or class 3-2.
  • Willy wisp and conjurer overlapping.

Update V.

  • Tess robot sex animations stuck after Tess go away.
  • Poker game cheat tweaked.
  • Missing text for possessed item erasure.
  • Home PC 1-9 images set as wallpaper issue.
  • Until Mayscape update Mariko/Faith's ghost will give you Rose's safe password in university.
  • Demo game updated.
  • Missing default wallpaper in Luna's computer.
  • Faith 1 and 2 animation locking after proceeding with her quest.
  • Weseen candle immunity glitch.
  • Game now runs in background.

Update V.

  • Faith's ghost telling you safe code fixed.
  • Some objects sinking into ground if ghost interact with them.
  • Visible city background with video camera.

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Has faith’s 1st and 2nd animation been fixed yet?

It will be fixed in upcoming update.

Hi LAGS, new player here.  I recently bought the game like 3 days ago on Dlsite cuz it looked interesting and i really like it. However, i found out that its censored and i didnt know. So my question is, If i buy the game here will all my info transfer to the uncensored version?

Hold on for some time. I will be making updating game with new map and once both map sites have version with similar content, I will try to create an uncensorship patch for the game.

what is better with censorship or without censorship?

It depends on your preference although I'm sure 99% would like to play uncensored version.

taaa, I like everything, especially the hourglass girls, I just trudge, where all the girls don’t go, pee clock, I play and enjoy your ideas, I think in the future you will release an action game, the blonde girl is holding a pistol in her hands, it’s clear to see trailer, on PC, on the street, on TV, it looks like for example ( WHITEPEACH - THE SHADOW OF YIDHRA ,  VIRUS Z , ) 

alright will do, thank you 



I wanted to inform that every Saturday I work on sprites for my future title. That time will be used for this game instead. So know that development for it not stopped but going at snail's pace.

There are some rooms I was able to make for Shepherd's Household map.

спасибо за отличные новости!

I'm happy with some news Lags... I'm curious to see LIZ.

Yes, but I might not place her in the truck like rest of the recruit because of lack of space. So the only time you will be able to interact with her will be at Teds' house or at her apartment map.

A LAGS idea... She could go with us instead of Tess's robot. We are also choosing Wendy's body to stay in the truck.


Hello LAGS, I feel about the Unity company, they want to improve the engine + they want to change the price, I sympathize that they answered you at the wrong time, or rather at the wrong time they decided to change or take up improving the Unity Engine, they saw competitors, for example Unreal Engine 5, also decided to keep up with them, and there were rumors that those who started or decided to complete their game project will work according to the old rules, but if they have already decided to create something new, new games will already work according to the new Unity rules, yes, I understand that you are used to the Unity Engine, and it is difficult for you to get used to it, I want to wish you GOOD LUCK in what you started and want to complete what you started, AND SUCCESS on the future project, THANK YOU FOR US YOU HAVE ENTERTAINMENT WITH SUCH AMAZING GAMES, FOR EXAMPLE, (Lustful Spirit Hunt --- it's just a great game, it's clear that you put your soul into this game and tried, Hailey's Treasure Adventure --- Great game, adventure, animation, coloring, COLLEGE BRAWL - - this game is just my respect, there are few games especially about boys, school, martial arts, especially against girls, keep up the good work,) DO NOT worry about the change, try new things, yes it is difficult, but at the beginning it is difficult to get used to the new engine, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING , especially for all the great games, but one game punished me - Lustful Spirit Hunt, it’s immediately clear that they put their whole soul into it.

Lucky for me they backtracked and increased the cap for now. I don't have to worry about porting games to different engine any more.

Happy for you, this is great news, your prayers have been answered

Deleted 139 days ago

Find a photo in with hint in Nurse 1 room. You have to figure out six digit code using that word and photo.

Thank you



After hearing about Unity's new fees model, I'm going to stick to making sprites only. It's like Unity has given me deadline of 31st December. I hope they don't apply to older game or I'm lose my mind over porting everything to Godot.

I hope they walk back on it on time so I could finish HTA and LSH before changing game engine.

Initially Unity did state the new Runtime Fees were going to be applied retroactively to all games that came out before the policy change, now that's up in the air because of the backlash. If your concern is whether or not Unity will completely ditch the policy itself, I have no idea if it is definite. I believe they're still going to try to go through with the Runtime Fee policy given the current leadership of Unity Technologies, John Riccitiello, or try to do it another way. Take caution with trying to use Unity long term now.

This is Unity's page on the new policy, I wouldn't doubt there will be a sneaky change in the future. Just be on the lookout for any new updates from other sites.


This is the thread about the policy on Unity's own site.



It's really difficult for me to leave Unity. I have planned many future projects with my current knowledge of Unity. If I switch game engine I don't know how I'm going to accomplish those features. Just hope that I will be able to make them as I intended.

I'm always on look out for any news from Unity. Even if they decided to keep those policies as they were, I'm still going to try Godot. But if they bring the new changes then I have no choice but make my games using Godot in future. If I succeed, all my older games will also be ported to it.

Hey, do you plan on implementing background animations the player can join in? It's rather weird that in this perv of a world MC is only interested in ghosts :)


This game is more focused on ghost so Ted will have more ghost girls compare to human one. Same way, in Magic Ring there will be more human girl compare to ghosts.


A frame from a quest I had to scrap because I accidentally deleted it. I tried many recovery softwares but nothing worked. Yesterday my friend helped me recover it and another animation. This quest will be there in a future map.

So I present you, Abigail X Det and Cam.

how i can unlock Irene?

In Evergreen university, is you explore left wing of each floor with UV light you will see hints on wall. They are for the sign on wall you see in the empty room. Using it correctly will make Irene appear. You have to talk to her until she goes away.



Can you please tell me where these vessels are I've searched all the places I can think of and can't find anything


1 in the safe room of rose*Evergreen university

2 at the storage unit in Sunflower city streets

3 in sex room asylum map

Thank you

(1 edit)

where do i find the code forthe asylum


I'm planning to upload this game to DLSite soon. The game will be censored if you purchased it from there with a major change, that is poker game replaced with simple rock,paper, scissor game. Let me know if you guys also this instead of poker game. Dialogs will be limited compare to poker mini game.

Of course Rose will not be happy with these changes.

Deleted 178 days ago

I need help finding the other vessels that can be if someone could help me out. 

So the main character mentions a girl named Akahana, is that someone we can find or just a person he mentions

No. Her questline was scrapped so no longer need her to be in this game.

how open mariko quest

Catch ghost in Evergreen University. Wait until in game clock reaches 3 am (36 minutes in real life). Go to first floor in front under stairs. Two boys will spawn having sex with a girl. Talk to them until you learn her name.

A small update uploaded fixing Faith's safe code dialogue and others.

How do I remove Wendy from a vessel? I want to transfer her to a different one.

The orb will appear at the place of currently used vessel. Pick it up and use it on other vessels.


If you go around the maps and unlock secret rooms and interact with possible vessels, well, it will literally say it might be a suitable vessel.

Can you please tell me where these vessels are I've searched all the places I can think of and can't find anything

Where can i find faith?

(3 edits)

How do i get doll ,tall ,and short wend scenes?


The ghost won't tell you the rose code. Even though I saw the good ending!

It is fixed now.

Please let me get the Rose secret code as a root other than poker game

Faiths ghost will also tell you password until Mayscape update.

Faiths=mariko ?


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