Extended Demo:-

Extended Demo:-

Lastest Demo (0.0.9)-

1) Ghost:-

1) Wendy (Tutorial Ghost, Doesn't spawn during a case)  

2) Powerghost

3) Kupper

4) Shy

5) Countlanak

6) Bloody Mariam

7) Bansheep

1) Contracts:-

1) Abandoned Shed (Tutorial Level)

2) Luna's Home

3) Croydon Home

3) Content:-

1) Luna's Cloths:-

  • Regular
  • Uniform

2) TV Channels:-

  • Butternut Cafe

3) Flash Drives 

  • Luna's Flash Drive

4) Recruits

  • Tess
  • Sabrina

Extended Demo (v.0.0.7):-

1) New Contents:-

  • Added 'Croydon Street House' contract.
  • A tutorial level that can be replayed from contract board.
  • Added salt and rope tool function.
  • A new animation for Wendy.

2) Improvements:-

  • Players will need to buy Croydon Street pass to unlock all 5 ghosts.
  • Added an exit button if player want to get out of an animation during a contract.
  • Added sound if a hunt ends.
  • If a ghost is already captured, game will try to select new ghost.
  • Dark mirror usage is changed. Now have to pressed 'Use' key near a normal mirror.
  • Added door knocking sound event.
  • Multi candle glitch solved.
  • Some equipment max number it reduced to one.
  • Burgers max number is raised to 4.
  • Not very important but added few more video thumbnail for VideoTube website.
  • Thermometer, audio box and EMF sensor not spawning.
  • Ghosts have dialogues if they are having sex with you.

Update Bug Fixed:-

  • Countlanak wrong evidence.
  • Incorrect temperature in some rooms in Croydon Street House.

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Yo i might be acoustic but i can't download this demo

(2 edits) (-1)

Please add Chinese language

Multinational purchases, used a lot Money(CNY)

(1 edit)

I won't be doing it myself but people can do it themselves by using csv files in streaming assets folder. You will need to open and save document only LibreOffice for Chinese characters. Else it revert them to square boxes.

I'm new to this, can I have a short demo?thank you

Install LibreOffice from the internet. After installing open any .csv file. You will see a window with open settings. Just press OK and your screen should look like the image below. Right click on columb B to and select adjust column width. Set it to 10 or 15. Now you can copy text in English column, paste in your translator if you are using one. Then paste the translates text in Others column in same row. Don't mess up with ID column as it's text are used as keywords for game. 

The translation was successful. Thank you.

pls update : (


I can't wait, please drop the new version, i dont care if it's broken, almost everyday , I look for the update :C


My apologies for delay!

The main obstacle I have is the new Academy map and redoing City Map. Once those two are done it's going to be easier to add few more things then test it more.

pls give me link pre purchase lustful spirit hunt

fuck off, is 2 dollars i don't give you a shit

Could you update this page so we can see how everything goes? If it is not a problem, of course

The developer is trying to lessen the time they spend on here so they can focus on the game more. While I can understand wanting a update waiting silently can sometimes be better for the creator as it may cause them to feel pressured to release hastily.

Yes, i get it, that is why I wrote "If it is not a problem, of course". I am not trying to haste anything or pressure the developer in any way

I was thinking to update update with list of things I have added so far but it would spoil the fun of discovering secret thing own your own.

Any update Mr. LAGS ?


I don't have answer right now. Done two new maps but want to complete the third one and a new feature.


It's okay we are waiting <3


I accidentally skipped the tutorial part. How do I get back to it? I've already erased the game files and extracted them but I keep returning to the house


Go to the Contract board and there you can replay tutorial level. It is the First Contract one.


pls adds to demo pls i don't have money now i only have 1$

(1 edit)

I'm sorry but it will be pointless to make a paid version if I add this content to demo.


Began working on the new map. I don't how everyone is going to react to it as it's going to be worst map in game.


Its okay, we like surprises


i can't wait anymore pls update : )))


I think that the 1 new map and the ghosts/other characters are more than enough for an update. Later when the other 2 or more maps can be added as like 0.1.1 etc

I agree other maps can be added later... If the ghosts are ready, 1 new map is ready and the assistant too should be more than enough.

Yes, but it will make some secrets obvious and I don't wanna spoil the fun of  discovering a secret.

Man i bet its gonna be a good one


Hey Lags, been a while so I hope you doing good. And how is dev work going?
Good wind


It's taking longer than I thought mostly because of maps. But I can assure you it's going to be great.

Thanks for info, good luck. I will try to wait as patiently as my impatience allows me :P

Good wind

(1 edit) (+6)

Sorry, the update is taking longer than I thought. For some time, I was confused about where I was going with it but now things are on track. Asylum map is still work in progress and same thing is going to happen with academy map as it's bigger like it.

Doing my best get the update to the point where I can provide a confirm release date.


you good take your time your progress is getting even bigger then ever

How difficult is it to create a new map for the game. I mean I know that game development is hard as it is. Just out of curiosity, what's the most challenging part about adding a new map into the game ?


Creating sprites for background is more boring and takes time. For this game I have created larger character compare to previous games but as they are simply line art they are not much of a headache but all background are pixel art where I have to spend more time to make to look better. And if that part happens to be final area of a level then it's not received such attention it would normally get.

Do we have a release date announcement for next version ?

Eh so the next demo Will have new ghost?

No. It's list for paid version. Demo version is already done.


Added few more rooms in Ted's house.

In the tutorial the hunt button doesnt do anything

not sure if this a bug or just my pc

Hunt button doesn't work until Luna tells you. You must try all banishing tools before trying to capture the ghost.

2 questions its the tutorial and the Croydon Street House availables, rn?

And when are rhe new ghost coming into the game?

Yes, they are playable right now.

Trying to push an update by the end of Feb.

Any plans for this to eventually come to Android? Not around my computer much but Hailey's runs great for Android so I'm hopeful

Well as soon as this game is done for PC will launch a version for Android with default lighting system. If that supports your device then you are in luck or else you have to wait until more optimization are done.

I am really looking forward to the next version of this game. It is already the best nsfw horror game I have seen so far, so keep up the good work and hope to see the game soon :)

One question, if I buy the game as it is now, in the future will I have free access to the full version and other updates or would I have to pay for them too?

Yes, you will be able to download it without purchasing it again as long as this game is available here.

Excellent, I have made the purchase, I look forward to your progress

Hello, i can't take coins for new travel

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