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An adventure platformer game.

Note:-PLEASE CHECK THE COMPATIBILITY WITH DEMO VERSION BEFORE PURCHASING GAME. Please set monitor refresh rate to 60Hz before launching the game. 

If a Mac user have "Big Sur" or "Catalina" installed you may not be able to play the game as Gatekeeper will not allow this app to open. As of now there is no confirm working solution for this issue.


PC and Mac(Please check note if you have Big Sur) . (Android coming soon)

Tested for aspect ration with 4:3, 5:3, 16:9, 18:9, 19:10. May support aspect ratio other than these. 

  • 2 GHz Processor
  • 2 GB Ram
  • 1 GB Graphic Card
  • 5 GB HDD Space


One day a man visits Hailey's farm. He told her about her father's debt and asks her to marry her. She refuses to marry him and tells she will returned the money. After her response the man told her that her father was a mine explorer and shares a map where he has hidden all his treasures. As those mines are cursed only people carrying his blood can enter those mines. He asked her to collect the treasure for him and gave them one month to do it.


Explore mines, collect gems and a special key from a chest in each level. Avoid getting knocked down by enemies as they are really desperate to satisfy their sexual desire. Use your pick-ax and explosives to fight enemies. Upgrade your character's abilities with collected money. 

As of now there are 6 image to unlock and 8 animations.


Please see the input settings in options.

General Troubleshooting:-

1) Taking damage even after simple jump

*Set monitor refresh rate to 60 Hz.

2) Gates not opening after pulling levers.

*Try restarting the game. It should solve the issue.

Update 0.2.1:-

Zip Size:-153 MB (4.76 GB after extraction)

New Enemies

  • Ass-ass-in, vines, honey maker, golem, head hunter, mantis.

New Animations:- 12

  • 2P-Honey Maker, Golem, Ass-ass-in, Vines, Head Hunter, Mantis.
  • 3P-Spiders, Honey Maker, Zombies, Goblins.
  • 4P/5P-Goblins

New Images:- 5

  • Worms 3P
  • Spider 3P
  • Flower
  • Skeleton.
  • Honey Maker

Skin and features:-

  • Regular (None)
  • Red (50 tokens) - Secret feature.
  • Tomb Explorer (50 tokens) - 50% more gems, 33% chance of getting double tokens.
  • Naked (25 achievements or 200 tokens) - Heals when having sex, 10% more gems, steals health from enemy if attack button is pressed.


  • Added animation gallery.
  • Added more achievements.
  • Improved jump(more control over jump).
  • Added stomp, prone and rope attack.
  • 5 new levels.
  • Teleportation (Testing) :- Press 'T' to place a teleporter and Numpad 1 to teleport. Can be picked up is run over it.
  • Annie speaks more dialogs depending on various factors.
  • Other bug fixes.

Future Plans:-

Check update 0.3 notes.

Thanks you so much for the support. I hope you will like upcoming games too.
(If anyone finds any issues please let me know in the comment section.)

Please visit the link below to know about upcoming games.


Updated 8 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Apr 28, 2021
Made withUnity, Blender, Krita
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Adult, Erotic, NSFW
Average sessionA few hours


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

HTAx86.V.0.1.zip 102 MB
HTAMacV.0.1.zip 105 MB
HTA.PC.v.0.2.1.zip 152 MB
HTA.Mac.v.0.2.1.zip 162 MB

Download demo

HTADemox86.V.0.1.zip 55 MB
HTAMacDemoV.0.1.zip 58 MB
manual.v.0.1.pdf 215 kB

Development log


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How can i find the last 3 artifacts? i assuming mummies and slimes are not in the game yet? btw i love the game

(1 edit)

All the things mentioned above are not added yet. Zombies 3p animation is there.

Thanks, i can stop searching for it now xD

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From 152MB to 4.76GB extracted?? Holy fuck! How did you manage to compress the file so much?? More game developers need to know about this trick so that they don't make people download absurdly large file sizes worth of games.

Also, WHY exactly is the game this big to begin with? Uncompressed music?

On another second note, I managed to use 7Zip to compress that 4.76GB file to a mere 79.9MB. This is such an enigma.


I don't  know that. Most of the game data is occupied by sprites/images. I use WinRar for compressing the files. If 7Zip compresses it that much then I must give it a try.

(1 edit) (+2)

Yep, 7Zip is pretty much the go-to application for achieving the highest amount of compression rate without going forward with more advanced compression methods, such as packing the game into an installer/setup. (And it's probably not worth it either)

(3 edits)

Hm, now that I think of it, the game is rather oddly huge. Not as though these are super hi-res HD sprites with thousands of animation frames. And it isn't exactly bursting with sound effects and music tracks either. A game like Skullgirls, which literally has hundreds-thousands of hi-res sprites per character is only around 6-7 GB...

I get the feeling there's probably a lot of junk data in the game's files, which is why it can compress 4+ GB down to less than 150 MB. There's simply not a whole lot of "real data" in the uncompressed files.

(1 edit) (+1)

I got a bug that all achievements with the Ass-Ass-Ins are always reset when starting up the game after closing it once.

Also good game btw


Hello, I will fix this and upload it in few days.


How do you get the other goblin scenes? I can't seem to find a way to get see them


It is only available in one level. A hint, it's in the latest levels. If you are OK with spoilers there is a video somewhere in the comments revealing it's location.


Pro tip: if you get easily confused like me when it comes to maps in platformers, make a screen shot at the map selection, open paint, ctrl+v the screenshot and save into the game folder as png or something. Doing this for every map will guarantee you'll always be able to peek at the whole map again and coordinate yourself and your actions

(2 edits) (+2)

The spider 3p animation and image won't unlock in the galleries

edit: they didn't unlock in dust mine III but they did unlock in pyramid III. Weird. 

I got stuck standing near the plant enemy after reviving in it.

you can throw teleporters through some gates and teleport to the other side.


Hello I managed to get the 3p animation unlocked in dust mine III. It could have happened because spiders may not have finished the animation.

Thank you for reporting those two bugs. I have resolved the revival issue with flower but going to update the game in a week once along side with other bugs that have been reported(I suspect Golem and Vines will have similar issue like Flower as they share similar script). The teleportation system is in testing stage so will not going to look into that for now.


Love this game so freakin much


Glad to hear it!


I can't wait to see what you add! I can't tell you how like excited I got that I figured out on my own that you can have like two spiders at once and then I started tring everything in two's lmao!


I sure you love the update 0.3 as it will have 4 mixed threesome and a mixed foursome animation in it.


stuck on apart at the end in the 2nd level, i can jump fine but i cant jump then move left or right so im stuck jumping in 1 spot.

the last part of the second level the character cant jump on the second step so i can actually finish it. so i have the kep but cant escape the level to finish the mission.

I know to move while jumping you need a run up otherwise you just jump in place. is there a fix for this major game breaking flaw or not?


Hello, I think you are playing version 0.1. Please check there is a 0.2.1 version available which addresses jumping issue.


Thank you for waiting patiently. Patched version is uploaded for both PC and Mac.

I going to wait for a week. If we don't encounter anymore bugs, I will port it to Android. Once that's done, will begin working on update 0.3.


Thanks again for all your efforts LAGS

(1 edit) (+1)

appreciate the hotfix! just a quick question, is the bottom right graphic on page 2 implemented on the 0.3 update or the current build? I can't find it for the life of me


Ah! Sorry forgot to mention. Last picture and 2nd animation button is there for 0.3.


no worries thanks for the reply! my OCD wont thank ya though haha, can't wait to see more!



The hotfix is going to be today or tomorrow? Also how the difficulty system is going to work? Buffed enemies, more enemies or both (my fav one). And I'm really excited how the arena mode looks like.


Tomorrow. Yes the enemy will have more health. Adding more enemies is also a good idea. Arena mode is basically just you get to choose which enemy you want to drop to the scene.

Agh! I thought the arena mode is going to be some wave type mode. First is one random enemy then two and this is going until you die or the game crashes. And always go back to beat the highscore.

(1 edit) (+5)

A small thing, but I do hope the after-sex poses are added to the animation gallery as right now the only way to see them is in-game, and there's no way to stay on them. Speaking of the gallery, I'd hope an auto-play could be implemented too.


I will add a button in the bottom panel to play downed animations.

Oh yeah, a zoom-in/out button would be nice too.


i have been enjoying this game but there are a lot of bugs in it right now. looking forward to seeing what is next ^^


Almost done with bug fixes. Then I will be testing it in game build. Once I confirmed that reported bug are fixed, I will upload the patch in 2-3 days.


sounds good, i look forward to playing it

Hmm. If I play this game more I feel the enemies in not exactly in the right place.

1. Goblins: They are not "swarmy" enough. In every fantasy I know if there is one goblin there is a bunch more around them. I saw you planning beartraps. Maybe if you step in one there are goblins spawning around the map cause they heard their trap go out.

2. Golems: Simply not tanky enough. First idea is to make him rise again and again just like the zombie. Second: Give him more health but if he dies he drops gems or a consumable.

3. Ass-ass-ins: They are just acrobats and I doesn't see any assassin in them. Maybe make them climb ropes too. Plus they can be invisible when they are behind you and make a noise when they attack. Of course you can see them if you turn towards them.

4. Honey makers: This enemy needs a nest. Maybe some of the maps put down honey maker nests what are spawning honey makers after a period of time.

These are just ideas, you doesn't need to make them. I just love thinking about game features and balancing.


There were thing like goblin and zombie spawners in the early days of developing this game. When I completed my second game I forgot that I was suppose to make them. But I think I can use this idea in the sequel (RPG game like Zelda 2 nes).

I can minimize the down time of golem just enough so we can pass him. I originally planned to make an animation where it shatters after dying and comes back to life with those pieces. But I'm not that good at animating just yet.

I didn't meant them to be actual assassins, just the ones that are annoying and can keep up with you over few cliffs. Giving them feature like climbing rope would require me understand path finding (which I plan to understand for my next games)

I not very good at programming. I can only promise things if I have a vision on how to achieve them.


It is going to be a hotfix for 0.2? Like the spider stuck and flashing bees (I'm starting to get eye cancer from that tbh). Or we need to wait for 0.3 for that?

(2 edits) (+1)

They will be fixed in update 0.2 patch. List of bug fixes is at the bottom in update 0.2 devlogs note.


Hi, I'm very glad that the update has finally come out,I haven't tried it yet, but even without it I'm sure that everything is on top as last time ;) And I would like to know,what would it be necessary to buy to play version 0.2?


Hello, I didn't spend much time on testing this version when it was build so it is very buggy. The patched version will be coming  soon. Keep an eye on update 0.2 devlog.

To buy the game you will need a card or PayPal account. If you have purchases this game previously then you don't have to for updates.


Omg... it must be known. This is special. Your game made the #1 game for popular adult game on itch for a time... That deserves a screenshot! Keep up the good work! "Pics or it didn't happen!..." Well as far as that saying goes... now its official ^_^

(1 edit) (+6)

GREAT! When I completed 'Survive', I was not sure if I should continue developing this game. But now after looking at the response it has got, I am glad I did.

Thank you for sharing this. It worked as a mood booster for me.

(1 edit) (+2)

Morale is important to have too. As always ^_^ You're very welcome. 🤔... Now if only itch.io had achievements for developers like you 🏆 😏 I think that qualifies as one.😉

I'm also glad you continued developing this game too! Honestly, I like this one more than Survive. Survive's not a bad game either though. I just think I like the live action of this one more. And the mining. Animations are always better than stills. Easier on the imagination too. Not to mention the art is getting better and better every game you make. Keep that up and people will be buying the game just for the art instead... that is if they aren't already lol. Like I said, keep up the good work! You're doing great! And the way you listen to the players... You deserve to be at the top of those charts. I mean that. 


You can break out of an animation in the pause menu.


Another bug to take care of. Thank you for finding it out.


well done game well worth the $2 


I saw on lvl 18. The menu minimap show 3 chests but it's only one on the level. That means we need to collect more chests to finish the level in the future? Also I have an achievement idea. "I doesn't even need to kill you" what I call it. Make a map with a bunch of enemies and the achivement is "Finish lvl x without killing anything".


The chest will be placed randomly anywhere on those location at the start of the level. If can determine the location by looking  the goblin location in the three holes. 

That's a good idea. Will add it in update 0.3.

(1 edit) (+6)

So, new update means new long text! I quite like the update, buggy though it may be. Anyway, here's the stuff:


  • -Honey maker 2p animation and worm, spider, zombie, scorpion 3p animations don’t unlock in gallery
  • -Erotic images don’t unlock – honey maker, golem, vines, pretty much all of the new ones (and I think the scorpion one didn’t unlock at one point too?
  • -All 4p animations (aside from the goblins) are unavailable/don’t work. Spiders, worms, whatever is supposed to have 3 enemies.
  • -3p scorpion animation doesn’t trigger at all.
  • -9999 tokens, not sure when or why this happened. Others are saying level 10, which is when I first noticed it, so I guess it fits. There’s other bugs on level 10 too;
  • -Honey makers die throwing themselves on the ceiling in level 10 (sometimes other levels too, though this is the most noticeable). They also flicker quite aggressively too, and are almost completely invisible when using the tomb explorer skin in particular. Not sure what the correlation is.
  • -Tomb explorer skin doesn’t work and just appears nude. I think it might actually be triggering the ‘nude’ suit bonus as well, you’d have to check.
  • -Honey makers sometimes glitch through the terrain to the level above to attack you.
  • -Enemies can still shoot through walls. No biggie if that’s what’s happening/intended, just pointing it out.
  • -Orc is still marked in the achievements list even though it was purged. Again, not a huge issue.
  • -Eating /restoring clothes as the egg animation plays causes the player character to freeze up until the animation ‘finishes’. You have to do it just before or exactly when the egg animation begins.
  • -Sometimes the Honey Maker pathfinding is buggy as hell, but only sometimes. When they glitch out, they don’t move until the player does which means they can’t get into a better attack position and results in them not doing much.
  • -Mari suit flashes nude when swinging the pickaxe while prone or on a rope.
  • Occasional FPS issues, but very rare for me.
  • 'B' button doesn't work ;)
  • Spider got stuck on the edge of a climbable ledge . I can't remember if I had to kill it or if it came free by jumping in the opposite direction 
  • Staying at some points on a rope means the honey makers can't attack out heroine. Not based on location but where the bugs ended up when you stopped climbing.

  • Worms stuck on rocks on occasion (pathfinding into them) 

  • Ass-ass-ins can't have sex with the PC if they had been crouching (when hailey was crouching or crawling)

  • Honey maker spawned or escaped to outside the cave when loading in (can't remember what level, sorry :/ )

  • Goblin got stuck after being baited off the wall. He teleported back at some point. This was the first level with Mantasis.

  • Mantis sinks into the floor when trying to melee a prone Hailey

  • Invisible gem things on one part of the Queen's lair or whatever it's called  (kind of hard to show)

  • Problems with animations playing in small areas (crawl spaces), with the scene jumping  into rock to play, sometimes teleporting you to the floor below once it's done. Honey makers make it through after you so this is a problem in particular.
  • Gameover bug with vines doing no damage when Hailey's at min HP, then triggering a game over after a while. Also, the animation played behind the menu but Hailey also was frozen reacting to it. I can't upload the image because Itchio comments suck, but oh well.

Recommended Adjustments:

  • -Slightly less sensitive mid-air adjustments to direction, they’re a bit too responsive now if you ask me. You try to jump onto a platform next to you and have to adjust so much you end up where you started.
  • -An animation or signal to let the player know when a zombie is about to revive. Like the raising of its head, just to prevent them spawning/coming back while you're on top of them.
  • -Zoom feature in gallery. It’s zoomed out further in the gallery than it is in game


Future ideas:

  • -Vines oral?
  • -Headhunters don’t strip clothes when doing oral, because they can grab you at any point really. 
  • -Skeleton has an animation with Annie too, as one can reach her in the first pyramid level (or one of them anyway. Maybe the second? Can't remember or check atm)
  • -Mantis can get to Annie for sex if they drop down on lvl. 18 (wink) which they do while relentlessly pursuing you.
  • -Unique Annie dialogue for the unique levels (green pit, level 19, level 21 etc). I'm happy to provide some if you want.
  • -Toggleable ‘Auto play’ feature for the gallery. So animations will play/speed up/cum without need for human direction.



  • The animation quality is stellar. 
  • New attacks are great to have, and there is insane attention to detail with most things.
  • -New gameplay is smooth as butter and more responsive than previously in most areas. For me, anyway.
  • -Some of the new maps are awesome concepts and designs. Especially number 21, even if it is rather silly design ;)
  • Some genuinely innovative ideas being shown and used. 


Things I don’t like (much of this is personal opinion.)

  • -Goblin 3p animation looks very similar to the spider one. That’s probably just me though.
  • Cumflation with the golem, even when it is very brief.
  • Ass-ass-in is... okay. I don't like his animation much (personal taste) and he's annoying me. Again, personal preference.


Sorry if this has mistakes, it's very early in  the morning for me so I might've made some. 

I look forward to seeing how things progress!


This man is spitting straight facts here! :D

Just one thing is "wrong". "B" was replaced with another Key ;) (it's T)

(1 edit) (+1)

In the old version 0.1 it had both keys

T giving small bit of HP and 500 Cash
B restoring your HP completely

although with now the nude costume just being fucked will fix your HP

Don't know if it's the same for anyone else but the first zombie I killed with a bomb instantly gave me infinite points up to 9999


Yep, B used to work by filling HP, but the nude skin makes it much easier to progress too, and is less cheat-y than the B key to restore health.

(1 edit) (+6)

Thank you for reporting. That's a lot of bugs to squash. I can't promise if these will be fixed in 2-3 days but I will let you know when I have fixed them and testing the game build.

There are few things that are not bugs.

  • Only goblin and 4p and 5p animation and there will be one more in update 0.3.
  • Honey maker are programmed to die after climax.(If you have notice, sometimes they give her little health once done.)
  • I think initially honey makers were planned to phase through walls to hunt her down. (Need to see the code)

Recommended Adjustments:-

Will work on all of that in update 0.3.

Future Ideas:-

Already done with vines animations so may or may not add a second animation for it.

Not losing cloth make sense for Head hunters but I have done that intentionally to avoid making animations for all the clothes.

Will add skeleton to Basement mini game and will make Annie's animations with mini mantis enemies.

That's a good idea. Let me finish level designing first, then I will tell you what is the theme of that level so you can write dialogs accordingly.

Will try to program auto play feature in update 0.3.

Currently focusing on animation/image unlocking bugs. I will check the once you have mention eventually.


Finally found what's causing this issue. It's the honey maker. When it dies it gives endless amount of tokens to Hailey. Also it seem to die out of jealousy if someone else is having sex with Hailey.


I disagree making so much animations with Annie, I'd much rather see more normal enemies and animations with the main character. Not many players will guess that Annie has animations at all, and even if you give hints at it, having to find exactly in which level it is possible to have XXX enemy follow you and fuck her is starting to become extremely specific conditions which most players won't bother doing at all. Compare this with the 3p/4p/5p animations, they are specific too but at least you can stumble into them randomly while playing and find them without having to read a walkthrough. I think it's good to have animations with Annie as easter egg but having more than 1-2 animations locked behind this mechanic sounds exagerate. 


Yes, and that's the reason I only plan to animate her with the one's that can be hatched from eggs. Other enemies like goblin and zombie must be captured by Hailey to appear in her basement. What she will do with them? Research of course...


I like the sound of Annie's 'research' ;) 

But yeah, that makes sense. Hope you're well, don't overwork yourself!


Quick chime in, I also like the idea of Annie being able to get attacked. Neat idea. 


Fair enough. My line of thought was that any enemy that could reach Annie (eggs, or those that were capable of getting to her on their own like the mantis and skeleton) should have an animation.

It was just a nice thought. I'd like many animations, but I don't want to create more work for LAGS

Hey, no worries, I'm happy to help.

As to the things that aren't bugs:

- I thought there were other animations with 3 enemies with Hailey, that's my bad.

- I know they are supposed to die after having sex with Hailey, but they die when coming in contact with the terrain too. So they'll fly into the ceiling and after hovering against the ceiling for a bit they'd suddenly die. Mostly happens on level 10 (I tried to attach a picture but itchio wouldn't let me), the first honey maker in the level flew into the ceiling (or the floor, from Hailey's perspective here), attacked Hailey (did some damage) and died, seemingly because they were in the ceiling? I haven't gone past the barrier/door or killed the skeleton beyond it, just moved somewhat close to the door.

- That might be it? It would explain why they are trying and sometimes succeeding in flying through the terrain.

Glad to see the adjustments are planned. They're not majorly important but they are nice QoL things we could use :)

Future ideas:

- If there's already another, there's no need for another animation. It's up to you, I'm happy either way, and I know it'll make more work.

- That's fair enough, don't worry. It was a very small suggestion.

- That'd be cool :)

- Sure! Just keep in touch and I'll work on it.

- That'd be cool, though it's not essential. Just a nice quality of life adjustment.

Also, the idea of the honey makers dying out of jealousy is pretty funny, though I don't think I've seen that bug before XD

I for one honestly *love* the cumflation with the golem, wish there were more enemies with that.



So… Where can I find 5P-Goblins Party ._. ?

Can anybody help?


And yep:

I couldn’t see the 3P-Spiders or 3P-Zombies animation. Is this a bug?


3P is Hailey plus 2 of the stated enemy, for the Goblin party, LAGS posted a comment with the location


Okay, understood. Thanks!


not a problem buddy!

I don't think there is 3p with zombies or skeletons yet

Only skeletons and scorpion 3p  animation is no implemented yet.

(1 edit) (+1)

So unfortunately yesterdays update came with some bugs but not so scary. Do you have now a approximate date when you'll release a fixed version?


Have solved most of the bugs. It should take 2-3 days. For the progress keep an eye on devlog of update 0.2. Once the all bugs are solved will spend a day trying to unlock all the things in exported project (tested things only in Unity editor for this messy update.)


Alright, glad to hear that it won't take much time, looking forward to it:D


Few secrets:-

Red Skin:- Mystery box appear on level when wearing red outfit. Hit the box from below to get rewards.

Number of mystery boxes on levels

One = 2-5

Two =6-10

Three = 11-onwards

Goblin's Gangbang Party Location at Level 19:-


Awesome, thank you!


I feel like we let you down by not finding it, or at least I did.

Thanks for the update.

(2 edits) (+4)


For anyone wishing to unlock the animations and gallery, edit the savedata.txt at the following file location:

C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\LAGS\Haileys' Treasure Adventure

The only thing that this cannot unlock is the Golem animation. No image yet for the Golem I think. 

Current Bug List:

Gallery - New enemies and gang bangs are not unlockable

Animations - Incredibly buggy. Golem is not unlockable. Enemies with multiple animations depending on how many enemies may or may not unlock. As an example, I was able to unlock 1 and 2 goblin animations but only 2 bee/honey maker animations and 1 of the worm. Sounds on the new enemies are also absent with the exception of 3P Bee. 


It's true that the game has a few major bugs right now, a bit disappointing considering the long time it took since 0.1, but holy hell the new animations, enemies, attacks, levels, everything is awesome. Many great ideas and attention to detail. This is really fantastic work. Good job!

(3 edits) (+1)

Waiting for the game's update certainly worth it, fun gameplay and nice way to stay occupied it still has a few flaws

So far what I stumbled into was that with the new client on Level 4 I got stuck because the red lever is already pulled down but this can be resolved now by playing the 0.1 version only thing I'd add be having the clean image versions from 0.1 combined into 0.2 so you have the Clean + Cum variant

Other than that the Animation gallery which many have pointed out doesn't work proper in the sense gangbang related animations aren't there just the singular, the Explorer outfit getting to equip it doesn't always work sometimes by equiping/selecting it multiple times it tends to work sometimes by shutting down the game and then select it.

Also love what's planned for 0.3 since 0.1 I already tried getting spiders/worms/scorpions to Annie for abusing but seems I was bit ahead of the creator xD

I haven't had that problem yet, could it be an error in downloading?

(2 edits) (+3)

Wondering if there's any way in the current build to force Annie to have sex. If there isn't, eh, I can wait until update 0.3 for that.

(Asking because of the Achievement on the final page of the list.)


...And, I only just checked the logs for update 0.3. That answers my question nicely.


Seems like the animation and graphic unlocks are bugged


The prone attack and the rope attack turns the Mari costume into the naked one.

In ruins III there is a glitchy bee in a room left of the boulder.


Anyone else having issues with the animations and graphics?  I'm having issues with the gallery not unlocking animations involving multiple partners (worms, spiders, goblins) while the bee animation ONLY unlocked the 3p animation.

The new CGs are also not unlocking for me either.

yes, absolutely same shit


Love it!!!! It was so worth the wait xDD
I found a problem though

in the animation gallery quite a few of them are missing sound effects  ><


affirmative, i've same stuff


Only encountered one bug thus far on Ruins 3, after killing the ass-ass-in (after it gave chase), it went back to its normal pose


Can you use the tomb explorer skin? Unfortunately it's not working for me

(1 edit) (+1)

Just tried but I can't no, just shows the naked player model

Edit: it shows naked player model and the default skin


And for some reason, when I was playing Level 10, my Tokens just went up to 9999.

And the animation with 2 worms is not in the gallery


I noticed the token thing as well now that you mention it, I still have 4 locked GFX in the gallery so I'm trying to earn those haha


Thank you for finding it. I found few more annoying bugs myself.

@Haba97 there was one missing line which is causing tomb explorer skin not to appear. But it does appear once you have closed and restarted the game. Please allow me 2-3 days to make this update less buggy.


It's Christmas y'all!


Finally man! I waited it pretty long:D But already noticed something: in animation gallery when worm is cumming there is no visible sperm, not a problem at all, just the note.


Thank you for reporting it! I will launch a revised version with more fixes.


Maybe, maybe...


It's done! Mac version will be updated shortly.

Please note I didn't spend much time testing this version so this could be a bug fest. Will spend next to days to test the game and squash any bug I found. As always please comment any issue you are facing with the game. Thank you!


Few more minutes. Exporting project for one last time.


Heck yeah! Super excited to see the new content!




I must admit. This is kind of exciting. I'm curious to know if itch.io also holds back updates for a second, to approve them before letting them go live like game publishers tend to do. It's not every day a player gets to be there the moment the update happens. I'm willing to bet that they're nice enough not to though. 

Im looking forward to playing it when i come off work!


Down to the last minute for sure. As any artist would make sure that their painting is absolutely perfect before putting it on display... It's a sure sign that they care about the project and that's a beautiful thing. Please take all the time you need. 

-  After all: "You can't rush art..." 


super looking forward to the update! not meaning to rush you but literally hitting the refresh button every 15 mins xDD


same here, I feel like I'm that spongebob "I need it!" meme

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Unfortunately I just basically started work and have evening plans. I'll have to wait for more than 12 hours to play. Gotta really get that patience in gear


At least by then you know it should be done and ready... Not always a bad thing to have plans. Just focus on the task at hand and everything will turn out ok. :)

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Report the 3D rampage shooting game post below vvv as spam advertising & off topic It doesn't belong here. Probably a bot looking for other games players to boost their numbers. It's a scummy way to advertise. Don't allow it. 


beat me too it bud! I just reported and blocked the account

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