Rebuilding (Latest)

Rebuilt Version:-

As the title suggest I'm rebuilding some stuffs of the game such as scripts, background and some gameplay. 

5th skin :-

Bikini :- Make enemies 25% slower and weaker. Hold egg spawn until masturbated(useful to annoy Annie).

New Plans(15/03/22):-

Annie's Expedition:-

  • Gameplay :- Collect egg samples/object and return to surface to complete a level. She is weak so she uses jetpack to reach higher ground. But this jetpack has limited fuel that recharge overtime.
  • Three levels playable as Annie.
  • Some exclusive animations to this game mode:- Zombie, Skeleton, Bat, Goblins and Ground Mole.

Survival Mode (Hailey):-(Cancelled)

  • Gameplay :- She will trapped in all the cave creatures. Survive the waves of enemy and get highest score in given time. Killing an enemy award you some time. As the time goes enemies will deal more damage and have higher speed.

What changes you can expect:-

  1. First and the most important thing is will be scripts and levels are redesigned.
  2. There will be more puzzles in the game.
  3. The game will not consume unnecessary space.
  4. Zoom feature is removed.
  5. While in Air, Hailey will grab ropes automatically.

                 The game will be made for Android first, as I'm pretty sure PC can handle the game well. It will be updated every time 3-5 levels are done.

Here's the Left Handed profiles I'm planning to set for PC users:-

W-Rope Climb Up/Jump/Cliff Climb

S-Rope Climb Down/Crouch/Cliff Drop

A-Move Left

D-Move Right



R-Use Health Item

G-Throw Bombs


Left Ctrl - Prone

T-Drop Teleportation device

1/2/3-To teleport

I'm not sure how I should set Right Hand Profile so I want your suggestion on that.

Levels Themes:-


1.Dust and Stone

2.Gray Rocks

3.Red MudStone

4.Ice Cave

5.Pyramid (Red,Blue,Yellow)

Special Stages:-

Level 8-Sweets World.

Level 14-Old ruins

Level 17-Red Stone Theme

Level 23-Roots Labryinth

Level 24-Some Different themed Level.

There will be one more new enemy that can have fun with Hailey.


This is how the UI and first level is going to look. The touch controls can be changed in pause menu. There are few more details that need to be added and then I will release this test version to check the compatibility with android devices.

Build Release Date:-

First:-24/11/2021 (Released)

This build will launched to test the compatibility with different devices. It will only have first level with pause menu. The only new features included in this build are masturbation and custom input layout.


Main Menu, Shop, Level 2 and 3, first 3 enemies. Oh! And bats enemies are replaced with spikey spheres. And there will be new more passionate bat enemies.

  • Level 1 and 2 playable
  • Animations for Hailey (5 animations) - 2 worms, 1 bat and 2 masturbation.
  • Can see Annie in action with a worm
  • In-game shop (only upgrades done)
  • Pregnancy feature
  • No audio implemented yet (That will change in third update)

Third:-29/12/2021 (Released)


  • Level 3 playable.
  • Enemies added:- Skeleton and Spike Ball (Old bat enemies) <---- (For level 4)
  • Skeleton enemy threesome animation and image
  • Main Menu with new background (functionality is not complete yet)
  • Picture Gallery.
  • Most of the audio implementation.

Bug fixed:-

  • Bat phasing through the wall when attacking.
  • Double jump near wall.
  • Masturbation climax animation for naked version.
  • Ore repeating break animations
  • Worm not able to target Annie sometimes.
  • Hailey stands on her feet after finishing with bat.
  • Climbing up animation off the rope not working sometimes.

Note:-Not added vocals and sound effects to sex animations yet. I have too many options so trying to figure out a way to use most of them.

Hotfixes for v.0.3:-

  • Worm sometimes going below the surface.
  • Masturbation climax animation is interrupted by egg laying animation.
  • Bat death sound at the bottom side of level 3.
  • Second worm's late appearance after finishing.

Fourth:-24/01/2022 (Released)

New Content:-

  • Level 4, Level 5 & Map Menu
  • Can purchase consumables and clothes for Annie.
  • Red and Naked skins for Hailey.
  • Revive System
  • Skin perks for Hailey and Annie.
  • Spider enemy and it's animations with Hailey and Annie.
  • Artifacts at level 3 and 5.
  • Arrow and Spike ball trap.
  • Level 2 surface background changed.
  • Map in pause menu(only initial and chest position is displayed)

Bug Fixed:-

  • Rope swing animation for naked skin.
  • Cum layer issue for Skeleton 3P image.
  • Knock out glitch near ledges.
  • Phase through gate after masturbation.
  • Stuck on Annie's thankful dialogue.
  • Bat sound in level 3.
  • Skeleton and worm animation not speeding up.

Hotfix v.0.4.1 and v.0.4.2:-

  • Second switch color in level 4.
  • Hailey freezes after laying an egg in crouch position.
  • Empty text boxes in skin selector menu.
  • Incorrect images in Picture Gallery.
  • Reward box icon and height issue.
  • Dynamite getting used everywhere.
  • Diamond ore issue at level 4 pickax.
  • Hitting spider corpse gives jewels.
  • Naked outfit has to purchase again after quitting the game.

Rebuild v.0.4.3:-

  • Animation gallery.
  • Achievement/Image unlocked notifications.
  • Annie worm and spider images.
  • Teleport System (Teleport Pads can be broken with 3 hits)
  • Achievement option in pause menu and functionality.
  • Level 3 lighting.
  • Level 4 background.
  • Adding remaining sounds and volume settings tweaking.
  • Annie's clothes are selectable once purchase, but need to purchase the buff every time like before.
  • If level is not completed before, both sister's will have conversation at the start of each level.
  • Annie's UI appear whenever she is speaking.
  • Non URP (no lighting)

Rebuild v.0.4.4:-

  • Artifact and Fashionista achievement completion issue after resetting.
  • Changed achievement description.

The image below has minor spoilers.

Rebuild v.0.4.5:-

Bug Fixes/Features-

  • Infinite flickering issue after teleporting.
  • Level 5 left pulley collider issue.
  • Bat not able to attack Hailey if she is masturbating in naked outfit.
  • Enemies do not engage Hailey if enemy corpse are more close.
  • Fashionista achievements is unlocked from the start.
  • Hailey stands under crawl space after finishing masturbation animation.
  • Enemy skeleton or spider moving in awkward direction when hit.
  • Hailey slides when talking with Annie (PC)
  • 'M' key to directly access map.
  • Spider script improved.
  • After completing level, map menu is loaded instead of main menu.
  • Collider size of lever is increased.
  • Change in Annie's cat outfit buff. Instead of just 100 coins, it give you more depending on levels you have completed.

PC Rebuild v.0.4.5:- (09/02/2022)

  • Zoom feature is added again.
  • Rope is auto cling only in easy mode.
  • Controller is now supported.
  • Keyboard and Gamepad buttons are remappable.
  • Basic (Few interactions are merged) and Advance controls

Please check controls in 'Key Bindings' options.


Part I (v.0.5.0) :- (21/04/22)


  • Tomb Explorer outfit. (100%)


  • Level 6 (Desert) (100%)
  • Level 7 (Stone Theme) (100%)
  • Level 8 (Sweets World) (100%)
  • Level 9 (Ice World) (100%)(Redone)

Enemy & Traps:-

  • Scorpion (100%)
  • Zombie (100%)
  • Acid puddle (100%) - first damages clothes then Hailey.
  • Spikes.(100%)
  • (New) Sneaky Snowman (100%)(Had to redo it)

Animations (New):-

  • (Annie) Scorpion and Honey-maker.(100%)
  • (Hailey) 2x Scorpion,, Sneaky Snowman, Spider-Zombie.

Update v.0.5.1 (Bug Fixes):

  • Animation gallery bug is fixed.
  • Achievement text on levels now display correct numbers.
  • Secret rooms not visible properly.
  • Pointer in level 6.
  • Puff sound if snowman or scorpion grab Hailey with cloth on or shield point >= 4.

Update v.0.5.2 (Bug Fixes):

  • Artifact 3 in level 7 respawns every time the level is restarted.
  • Zombie not able to hurt Hailey if she stands on top of it.
  • Missing collider in level 8.
  • Spikes in level 6 acts as acid.
  • Snow girl achievement cap.
  • Pause UI is changed a bit for android devices and made more spacious and restart button is moved below achievements.

Part II:- v.0.5.3 - 1/07/2022 (Released)

Levels :-

  • Level 10 - Red Pyramid
  • Level 11 - Mud World

Enemies & Traps:-

  • Red-skeleton
  • Honey-maker
  • Goblins
  • Sugar & Cane (Level 8 Boss)


  • 2P - Red Skeleton, Honey-Maker, Goblins, Sugar-Cane, Annie-Maker.
  • 3P - Red Skeleton, Honey-Maker, Goblins, Spider & Honey Maker.

New Sugar & Cane:-

Update:- v. (HotFix)- 1/07/2022 

  • Hailey keeps walking in one direction.
  • Invisible sex animations with Spider & Honey Maker
  • Other glitches with Spider and Honey Makers animations.
  • Honey Makers random healing ability is restored.
  • Two platforms in level 10 are moved a bit up so that they are visible.
  • Gust of wind orientation in level 11 is fixed.
  • Haven't done anything about level 10 missing collider (Planning to do something with it.)

Part III:- v.0.5.4 - 10/07/2022 (Released)

Levels :-

  • Level 12 - Ice World
  • Level 13 - Yellow Pyramid

Enemies & Traps:-

  • Bell Flower
  • Moving Blades
  • Vines


  • 2P - Bell Flower, Vines (100%)


  • 2P - Bell Flower.


  • Animation Gallery update.
  • Goblins now steals money after having sex, so you will need to defeat one if you end up losing enough money to complete the level.

Bug Fixes:-

  • Level 10 :- Missing collider, rotating platform is lowered a bit. crawl space bobbing glitch.
  • Ropes in all pyramid levels are scaled.
  • No cumming animation for Honey-maker
  • Animation glitches with Spider-Honey animation
  • Some texts.

Hotfix:- v. 11/07/2022 

  • Missing collider in level 12.
  • Double Hailey glitch with vines and bell flower.
  • Bell flower achievement now working and it's shooting in opposite side.
  • Vines and Bell Flower no cloud sound if captured.
  • Scorpion stuck on ceiling in level 13.
  • Double Hailey glitch with spider-honey animations and get stuck after sex.
  • Sugar doesn't take damage if naked skin is on.
  • Map name text fixed.

Hotfix:- v. 12/07/2022 

  • Added missing Annie-Scorpion image.
  • Bell flower spitting in opposite direction.
  • Eating not functioning after having sex with Bell Flower.
  • Repeating knockdown animation after sex with Bell Flower.

Update:- v.0.6 - 13/07/2022.


  • Zombie Girl :- A lost character that can reveal many secrets, if the price is right. (100%)

Levels :-

  • Level 14 - Ruins (100%)
  • Level 15 - Dust Mines (100%)
  • Level 16- Mud World (100%)
  • Level 17 - Devil's Lair

Enemies & Traps:-

  • Ass-ass-in (100%)
  • Zombie Variant(100%)
  • Golem 
  • Head Hunter (100%)
  • Demon


  • 2P - Ass-ass-ins, Zombie Variant, Head Hunter, Zombie Variant w/ Shop Girl.(100%)


  • 2P - Vines, Ass-ass-in, Sugar-Cane. (100%)
  • 3P - Red Skeleton, Goblins, Zombies, Spider-Zombie. (100%)


  • Additional Language Support (100%)
  • Some secret

Hotfix:- v.0.6.1

  • Sugar staying idle.
  • Missing poster text box issue.
  • Pumpkin token missing chimes.

Hotfix:- v.0.6.2

  • Wheel of fortune rewards issue.
  • Night levels glitch if teleporter is used to get back on surface.
  • Incorrect streaming assets folder path for Mac users.
  • Added menu related translation file(All .csv files)

Hotfix:- v.0.6.3

  • Spider revival glitch on platforms moving down.
  • Incorrect text.
  • Missing swamp sprites.
  • Tomb Explorer outfit changes to naked one after complete level.
  • Special key missing sound.
  • Using special key decreases regular key number
  • Flower animations fixed.
  • Gallery spider zombie icon fixed.
  • No second language in level 15 and 16.
  • Added a little hint for puzzle in level 16.


My apologies for frequent delays. Will compensate these delays with something good at the time of final update of this game. For now I want to keep that content secret but I'm sure it will be appreciated.

Thank you for the patience.

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Found what I presume is a bug, maybe an intentional cheat not sure. Tapping the sandwich icon instead of the heal button both heals and adds more sandwiches for mobile.

Debug feature which will be removed on full release.

how much time you need to update a new version of this game?i am so excited for it

I was gonna say until v.0.1 of new project but a lot of people seem pretty excited for an update of this game so I will work on it as soon as demo of new game is launched.

Que diferencias hay entre la versión "rebuild" y la "old"?


Rebuild have better graphics and features. Old one is how the game was before.


Cual es la última versión de android

You should see 0.6.2 or 0.6.3.


Hi there, I found your game randomly and I have to say it is one of the most well constructed games like this that I've found, smooth animations, few bugs that (That I've found anyway) the storyline while basic provides drive for the protagonists and the twist on stage 8 was not expected at all but very nice to find.

I do have a question though, the gallery for all of the animated scenes, you have a perfect showcase for it in Annies' drone that follows you around that she uses to watch you, she even talks about it a bunch about how she could "stay in the tent and watch you just fine" why not use almost like a floating drone point of view for the animation gallery, have the camera move around very slightly  and play "saved files" from when she recorded the enemies interacting with you? I feel it would add just a bit more canonical immersion to it (Even though I know it's not MEANT to be immersive at that point), it could also bring up further conversations between hailey and annie later one "You know you need to delete those right?" sort of thing, just some ideas that have been bouncing about in my head!


Hello, I find it difficult with how much mess the project file is right now. I will consider such option on future project.

(2 edits)

Hi, i donwnload the 0.6.3 version but in the main menu always show 0.6.2 it's normal ?

Yes, just make sure you see hint near puzzle in level 16. 

(1 edit)

there is a bug with the rope on level 11 where if you get hit by the flying bee and the zombie is directly under the rope, you're permanently stuck unless you restart the level

Hi, can i ask if you have writing in the main menu V0.6.3 or same as me always 0.6.2 and i download the V0.6.3

i downloaded 0.6.3 but it's also showing up as 0.6.2 for me, probably just a minor error LAGS forgot to change.

LAGS the wrong audio problem for 3p 4p goblins and headhunter in gallery mode is still not fixed yet ><


I just realized you meant vocals.

Glad you got what i meant! :D

(2 edits)

I found this fancy key in level 15 in the secret goblin area, but I found no where to use it. I also think I missed a few hidden goblin scenes. I only have 3 in gallery and 2 in secret goblin area of 15. Also, does the zombie girl do anything yet?

Okay, I figured out the key and also the zombie girl has a really weird interaction hit box. I also did figure out the hidden scenes, the posters also had weird interaction hit boxes and you have to interact with them to open the scenes.

Hey can you tell me where on level 8 and level 11 the missing posters are i cant find them

there is a small ledge on 8 with a candy came pointing to the left. Crouch or crawl at the wall and is in a small hidden cave. I don't think 11 is hidden. It was near 2 goblins and some green swamp water. 

so what does the green melon and yellow icon mean with the zombie? He bangs the shop girl but leaves Annie alone, am I missing something? 

Haliey, (green like melons icon) Annie, (yellow like lemons icon) Shop girl (green like melons icon)

What do breast have in common in size?

(2 edits)

(Spoilers for those who have not played the update yet below)

Great update, and your animations are on point! The poster girls are very vell made!

Question regarding the zombie variant. What are the chat bubbles appearing? And is it any plan to have zombie variant and Annie?

And is it possible to see cum on poster girls in gallery?

Thank you for this update!


The icon explains why it skips Annie but attack Hailey or shop girl.

I may add option of double clicking on it so it play's climax animations of those npcs.

I assume it's the boob size. But the shop girl don't have big boobs. In fact Annie has bigger than her. So the bubble makes no sense at all.

Hey how do you get the variant to attack the shop girl


I love animations in this game! Would you like to add a zoom slider to the gallery?

I can't promise right now but will keep this option in mind.

(1 edit) (+2)

Hello, testing is concluded.

But first off. THANK YOU for you continued development and hard work on this game.

And before bugs some thoughts on content of this update:

  • New maps - well adding something that make you replay levels is interesting but if done incorrectly may be tedious. Here is enough hints to not be a case.
    Return of the old pit with twist is nice. And it is funny to read from all the people struggling with secrets and puzzles. Also like the tunel passages common but welcomed addition.
  • New NPC funny and useful if you can read...
  • New zombie had me laughing hard
  • (Personal opinion) Something in combination with 0.7 instead of remaking of Golem I would personally remake AssAssIn - just hate his look (but just my opinion)
  • head hunter - that Hailey goes to crouch after getting caught is nice touch
  • Secrets - NICE - missed oportunity to free them - just bit surprised that there is no reaction from Annie (guess it is not written jet?)

Now BUGS and potential SPOILERS (content tested in 0.6.2 64 bit PC):

  1. Old one with elevator and spider - when you kill spider on vertical elevator and elevator goes down spider corpse changes state to jumping and it is able to do harm to Hailey

    that is dead spider (but still dangerouse)
  2. Options - difficulty is now On/OFF - OK how that works :P

    picture is from 0.6 but I checked it is in 0.6.2 also
  3. Minor one in Escape menu

    Map menu instead of Main menu this is on English language
  4. In level 11 and 12 there are places with mess up water sprites:

  5. Stages 10 to 14 have problem with Tomb explorer outfit - when you finish level Hailey goes all naked from excitement.
    On positive note now I finally can see Hailey in her TE outfit while talking.
  6. The special key has no soud effect on pick up and no indication you have it.
  7. When you use special key to open the gate in level 14 your keys go to -1. This prevent opening the gate in normal level progression.
  8. Also from 0.6.1 when you start a level there is collection ding sound out of the blue.
  9. ADDDDDD just as I post it I recall one more - There is clipping in Bell-Flower animation when Hailey foot is clipping tentacle
  10. In gallery zombie+spider combo animation when selected is not highlighted
  11. Also in gallery as someone pointed out before, 4p and 5p goblin and head-humper has wrong audio, in levels it is correct.
  12. (These and ones below are questionable if bugs) In gallery the secret scenes don't have climax
  13. Shop-keeper scene is off the pedestal (this is OCD talking)
  14. Pumpkins you collect aren't persistent, so if you close game they reset, is it intentional? Also is wheel of fortune temporally or will it stay?
  15. There is a potential issue with AssAssIn attack hit box

    In here I'm in his blind spot, is it intentional or not.
  16. This is what I meal there are climax scenes missing in gallery

    and for some reason this one was 3/4 time for me without animation

    and then this happened, so I guess they are random?

That is all I was able to find and recall.

Once more thanks for update, keep up the good work,

Good wind

(2 edits) (+2)

I will come back with solution soon. But I can answer some now-

12. There are no proper climax animations for those just a single frame(except for shop keeper). If you replay or restart level 15 you will notice sometimes those animations are not playing indicating goblins are recuperating.

13. It is overlapped by Annie's animation.(Will create a smaller sprites instead of stand.)

14. It is intentional.

15.Now this has confirmed. Will make a new version of Ass-ass-in.

16.It has 20-25 chance of displaying animations when level 15 is loaded.


1. Edited script so it will stay dead.

2. Copied same script form option below it.

3. It was suppose to send you to map menu but forgot to do so for PC version.

4. I thought I corrected them but it seem got confused because both projects were open at same time.

5. Thank you for noticing it. It will be solved.

6. It was immediately destroyed after collection.

7. Yes, read this in comment after posting v.0.6.2. 

8. Happens because of pumpkin tokens.

9. Corrected sprites.

10. Thanks for noticing it.

11. It is using same audio file in both modes.

Most issue are addressed and will launch a version in while along with Android one.

As always, thank you very much for reporting this issue at earliest as possible.

Not a problem and thanks for your work.

Good wind

how can i get 16?when i get there,it is nothing happened

Bro when is android update 0.6 commin 😭

Less than a week.

Deleted 43 days ago

Saves remain and can be used in all versions.


I'm working on bug report as usual but it is taking longer to do, do to illness. And when i wrapped up 0.6 there is 0.6.1 and now 0.6.2... So tomorrow.

Hey LAGS! great game, I love it. This is the final update or it's one more after 0.6?

He created a new post rebuild update 0.7 plans


By what LAGS posted before "Final release will be 1.0". But there is plan for extra content past that or with that, the "Annie's Expedition", with three extra levels. There should be 24 or 25 levels with Hailey.

And another stuff,not a important glitch but still,if you run out of workXD, on level 10 if u try to stand in areas where you should just crawl or prone,you will glitch the walls and walk half inside em.

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