What will be there in Update 0.3(Obsolete)

Update 0.3 Plans:-

Release Date:-TBA


  • Input will be reprogrammed to a simpler one. 
  • Teleportation device will be available for purchase.
  • On level shop.
  • Annie will be able to have fun with creatures.
  • Hailey will be able to masturbate.
  • Arena Mode for Hailey.
  • Annie's Basement.
  • Multiple endings.
  • Difficulty setting.
  • Images on game over screen.
  • Cum layer toggle in gallery.


Remaining 3 levels will be added with 15 and 20 redesigned.



2)Slime(trying again)

3)Mini Mantis

*** Skins and Features:-

1) Swimsuit:- Deal 50% more damage, moves faster but take 20% more damage.

***Animations and Images:- 


Mummy, Slime.


Skeleton, Blue Skeleton and Scorpions.


Zombie-Spider, Spider-Wasp, Goblin-Skeleton, Worm-Zombie, Spider-Wasp-Zombie.


Honey Maker, Scorpion, Spider, Worm, Mini Mantis.

Zombie, Goblin & Slime (Annie's basement.)

Get (WIP) Hailey's Treasure Adventure(+18)

Buy Now$2.00 USD or more


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como puedo conseguir las misiones, de las manties, golems, slimes. momias?

I can't clear map 3 cause I can jump up really need some tips 

You have to jump from edge of the spikeless ground as shown in this video.


I see in the achievements, one is to make Annie have sex with 5 different monsters. How does one actually do that?


Hello, this feature is only available in the rebuild version(currenlty available in demo). Do complete this achievement you will need Hailey to get pregnant and spawn an egg near Annie.



hi, I play on android and I'm having issues with many textures not loading in, as well as my game freezing when colliding with walls as I fall. have I made a mistake in the installation process, or is this known about? level 2 is unfinishable due to my game bugging out as I climb a long rope softlocking and freezing my game. any tips?



also, I managed to blindly make it through level 2, but lol 3 crashes and won't even load up, any tips?


It seems your device is not compatible with this version of game. There is rebuild version available in the downloads.  It doesn't have enough content yet but it's being worked on.


This is the rebuit version. what devices are compatible with this game?


This isn't the rebuilt version. This is how interface look like in rebuilt version. 

It is available in demo section for now.

List of devices confirmed by users:-

Mi Note 5 (Old version has flickering issues)

Samsung A30

Samsung A5

Samsung M32

Samsung M51

OnePlus 7T Pro



I know its constant but any date for this update? 


Not gonna lie what is proposed in this update is exiting. Looking forward to it

But I must propose something people waiting for this update will hate. And that is updating demo with fixes to at least frame rate issue. Bonus would  be all the movement mechanics.

Other thing to consider for this or future games is setting up discord if people would be willing to beta test and or to help narrow down what is causing certain bugs. And maybe other things.

Keep up a good work and hold your head high.

Good wind


Yup, the demo will be updated with latest mechanic once the next update is launched.

I will do that for CB remastered version. For Survive 2, nothing will be out until the game is complete.


Just wondering, do you have a timetable when you expect 0.3 to come out? Absolutely love the game and can't wait for the update!


No confirm date yet.


Boss don't forget that some ppl play on laptops xd i can't use teleport because i don't have a full keyboard xd


I apologize! I forgot that some laptops don't have keypads. I will bind that function to the regular number keys as well.


You absolutely need to improve the controls as it is a regular complaint I see on F95. The default controls make no sense (J to attack?) and there's no reason why the game could not be played one-handed, as 95% of the time we're just moving, jumping, climbing ropes and attacking with pickaxe. All those actions should be mapped near the arrows so that the game can be played one-handed.

This is how I suggest to do it, and I tested it with AHK, now the game feels really great.

- up,left,down,right : arrow keys
- attack : shift
- jump : up arrow
- crouch : down arrow
- prone : right ctrl

Since both "up" and "jump" are mapped to the same arrow, you need to add a small delay between jump and holding rope actions, otherwise it is very difficult to jump from a rope

Having simple controls is super important as many people won't try to change them and think the game is super difficult.


I'm waiting for update 0.3 to complete. It will be easier for me to port this game to Android with these controls settings. As soon as the game's development is complete, I'll make the controls simple with left and right hand profile. Also this option will show up when you first play the game.

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I think you underestimate how important small things like this are, look at the reviews here:


There are five reviews with rating 3/5 or less and four of those mention controls. It's really a shame because the game is exceptional, but many people will get frustrated with the controls and not play it long enough to realize. They also mention the 140 Hz bug which is the 2nd thing you should prioritize imo. (EDIT: you fixed it actually, thanks!). 

Well in that case I'll make sure to update them with version 0.3. There are few new keys that will be implemented later.

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Thankfully the controls are remappable though... Lags, you really are such a nice dev. I actually like the W,A,S,D keys for movement. That way [shift], Q,E,R,F,Z,X,C,V and [space] can be used for other controls leaving one hand free if needed with all keys within reach of the fingers of the other hand. But that's  because I'm a righty. 

The arrow keys would probably be better for left handed people among the other keys. I don't know though... Need a left handed person that plays games to chime in on what they prefer for keys with one hand to know for sure. 

But it never hurts to have backup keys that can have the same function on other areas of the keyboard... What ever you choose to do Lags, it's your call. I'm game either way. I already like  it is lol. ^_^ As long as the controls are remappable I couldn't care less about the default controls as long as there is a manual on what the main action key is and movement keys are so I can navigate to said remap menu. Honestly it should be the first thing anyone checks when playing a game. It's just common sense to know the controls. Duh lol. Just thought I'd chime in here on my 2 cents. :)

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I too prefer WASD for movement. But most H games I have played have arrow keys for movement with no options for remapping them. Maybe that's the reason people will not check for key configuration in this game too. 

By giving an option to select left or right hand profile at first boot and telling that controls remappable, then people will bother to check them.

First of all, I'm fine with controls, I even wrote a AHK script to make things that are not possible in the controls screen at all, however because you and I are fine with the default controls does not mean they are fine, as said, 80% of the negative ratings mention controls, do you think it's sound to ignore that?

Second, the game is rated 4/5 on itch.io, I'm sure we both agree 4/5 is very bad given the amount of work he has put in it and controls are a very likely culprit (the other being the 140 Hz bug). 

95% of people who try the demo won't waste time to remap controls, they'll just start level 1 and the first 5 minutes will be the most important to determine whether they'll buy the game or not, I can tell you how it happened for me: 

1) I started level 1 to see if it makes sense and the game is worth my time

2) it took me 30 seconds to find the attack key

3) then I died by falling 5m because of the 140 Hz bug,

4) Immmediate thought: Ok, yet another 2$ buggy scam from someone who doesn't know how to code with maybe 2 sex animations, close and uninstall.

Weeks later I saw it had a few positive ratings on F95 and decided to give it another chance. And now I spent 20$ on it because I realized it was great. Then I suggested him to open a Patreon because the game is absolutely not worth 2$, then for some reason you also intervened against that. Seriously man I'm very glad you're here and being so enthusiastic about the game but you're not helping his business at all by saying that and keeping telling him everything is great.

What's more, after buying HTA, I checked his old game "Survive" and guess what, I suddenly realized I also had tried that game in the past and discarded within the first 5 minutes for similar reasons, so I bought it as well, realized it was good, and wrote him what are the problems with the game, again, no problem in gameplay, no problem in animations, just stupid things in UX/UI and first impressions. But the thing is, 90% of people will buy the game based only on these stupid things they won't care at all whether there are 10 animations or 20 animations in the game, despite this requiring 50x the amount of work for the dev. Finding good controls will take him 1 hour and will potentially be a very impactful change.

As for the reason why most games don't use WASD, probably because many countries don't have a QWERTY keyboard.


This is the future update?

Its awesome!
Have fun with the creatures is the thing i always want

i wish the best for this proyect


Yes. Hope you will enjoy the full game once it's complete.


One suggestion for the next update which is probably little amount of work, in gallery, add a button to display the alternate gallery pictures without cum for the enemies where you have them (from 0.1). It's a bit wasted art otherwise. I also suggest to have them show during gameplay as gameover and not only in gallery.


Ah! Yes! I forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me.


This sounds like an amazing update! love the idea of mixed animations 

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- "Slime(trying again)"

😍💚💚💚 Thank you! Love this. Here are some pictures of "inspiration for ideas" from across the public web to help with your craft ;)

by: Tobihime
by: Derpixion inspired by Demon Girl/ Angel Girl

by: revolmxd

by: dadward

 by: Koooon soft

If they can do it so can you! ^_^

As always, if you like me to remove this, simply ask. It will be done by the next time I log on. Only trying to help. 


I had similar idea like 2nd image. Now I'm confused if I should go with it or change it.

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You're the dev. Depict it as you feel. It's your world after all. How do you think a lewd slime would be and act? Take your time. It doesn't have to happen overnight. Although I must say, Derpixion is a favorite artist of mine. She is soo lewd. Sorry, got carried away. You do you <3

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I am relieved and I'm glad you saw these and are ok with it. I wasn't sure if they'd be taken down or not as I'm not entirely sure as to what I'm allowed to share here. But like I said, these are already public images from the web. The least I could do was contribute to the original artists by mentioning their names.

- "Always contribute the creator!" a worthwhile motto & words to live by. 


Yeah, thanks! I'm going to stick with my idea and add a little more to it.


"Always happy to help."