What will be there in Update 0.2

Update 0.2 Plans:-

Release Date:-10th Sep 2021


Gameplay will not be much different except addition of few features such as teleportation system, stomp and rope attack. Player has slight control over direction when jumped. Teleportation system is in testing phase so player will be given only one teleporter that can be picked up. In next update it will be destroy once it's used but can purchase from store and can carry up to 3.

Annie speaks different dialog depending several things. Thanks to Tom Williams for help me with the dialogs.

Gallery mode will be added with this update. To unlock the animations player have to wait until the enemy has finished having sex.


There will be 5 new stages. Stage 15 and 21 is not changed yet but will be replaced with better version of them. 


Enemies added in this update.

1)Honey Maker/Wasp




5)Head Hunters


*** Skins and Features:-

1) Regular - None

2) Mari-0 - A secret feature you will come across when exploring the mines.

3) Tomb Explorer (New)- Get 50% more value during mining, 33% chance of getting double tokens after killing an enemy.

4) Naked - Heal energy when having sex with enemies, 10% more value when mining and one more secret feature.

***Animations and Images:- 

*5 New images-

1)Worms 3P

2)Spider 3P


4)Honey Maker


*11 New animations-

1)2P-Honey Maker, Golem, Vines, Head Hunters, Ass-ass-in, Mantis.

2)3P-Spiders ,Honey Makers, Goblins, Zombies.

3)4P/5P-Goblins(Must find the secret spot).

Masturbation animations are done but function is not implemented in this update.

Update V.0.2.1:-

May Occur:-

  • Invisible scorpion after sex.
  • Eating animation for naked skin.


  • Level 21 missing collider.
  • No audio for some animations in Red outfit.
  • Tomb explorer UI image.
  • No music in new levels.
  • Tomb explorer is selectable now.
  • Bag size in level 20.
  • Extremely fast health recovery for naked skin.
  • 9999 token issue in level 10.
  • Orc achievement replaced with Love Juice(achievable in update 0.3)
  • Hailey slides when hurt.
  • Acid no longer reduces health if in a sex scene.
  • Breaking sex animation if game is paused.
  • Refresh rate issue (Tested with 144Hz monitor)
  • Secret treasure doesn't appear after level is complete(Directly stored in money stash.)
  • Spider stuck on ledge.
  • Honey-maker no longer wait player to move.
  • Mantis sunk into the ground when stomping.
  • Honey-maker flickering issue.
  • Enemies detecting players through wall.
  • Checked mechanical gate of all levels.
  • Worm stuck of wall or rock.
  • Images and gallery glitched unlock.
  • Missing sound in animation gallery.
  • Ass-ass-in reverting back to normal pose after dying.
  • Invisible gems in level 19.
  • Vines game over glitch.(Vine now causes damage)
  • Honey-makers sudden death glitch.

There are other features that are completed but I'm keeping the best for the last. All the things that were promised will be there in update 0.3. I have also taken a screenshot of the previous post in case I don't forget.

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A day more for android version. Faced trouble with it's crashing, direction input was not working well. But not it is working well. Will make a demo today and test it a bit.

Looks like the enemies are less aggressive since the update 2.1 (at least the bees, but maybe also goblins), the game feels much easier now. Or maybe it's me who became more skilled :) Would be cool to have a hard mode with more enemies or more aggressive enemies. Also I didn't have a problem with enemies trying to attack you through walls in previous version.

Yeah there player detecting range and pursue distance is reduced. Planning to do the same for hard version.

Just trying out new things that can be used in future projects. (By the way, I'm planning to create a new Survive game series after this project.)

Also, I know you said arena mode won't be an actual level, so it would be great to have one specific level with high replayability, such as with randomized enemies spawns and positions. Or maybe do that in the regular levels as well when in hard difficulty?

Currently, I'm focusing on finishing the main game first. I haven't planned much about Arena mode yet. The only thing that's decided is player have to kill as much enemies as possible to get highest score in given time. To make it interesting I have to plan it well.

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Just one more day to fix remaining bug and another for testing build.


I couldn't figure out what to do with the statue. Anyone gets it?


So wearing the Mari outfit allowed me to jump above it, but the place was empty.


So whats the naked secret feature?
Also i can't seem to find the golem and mantis, are they reserved for the new levels?


Golem appears in and after 17 and mantis after 18. Mashing  attack button during sex scene. Decreases enemy's health(if not reached one ) and adds to Hailey's health.


Ah thanks mate, yeah that sounds like a pretty cool feature


is it up yet? 0.2 XD


Hey, just saw there were no skeleton duo animations listed, they for 0.3 instead?


Yes! I want to keep some stuff for v0.3.

Saving the best to last? XD

Honestly, that's fine by me. I think you also said Annie's animations were being held for 0.3, which I think is a good move tbh, it's good that 0.3 will have more than a few fixes and the final levels

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Just had some ideas, thought I'd share:

  • Being hit while lying down shouldn’t be 1-hit knockout (at least, not by all enemies)
  • Achievement idea – “It belongs in a museum!” – achievement for getting all artifacts/special loot (including hidden special loot)
  • Outfit – Adventurer – Brown or tan cargo trousers, button-up shirt (not all the way up!) and a wide-brimmed hat. Guess who this is a reference to!
    • The stat bonuses – a slight increase to damage resistance overall, and faster movement and more damage when carrying an artefact specifically.


o Base animation – Sitting down, leaning back, has her overalls rolled down and shirt lifted up while she fingers herself.

o Red Hat animation – standing fingering herself.

o Tomb Explorer – sitting/lying down, legs up and together (shorts rolled to her knees) pumping the handle of the pick into her pussy.

o Naked animation – lying on ground, playing with breasts and pussy at the same time. Side on view?

Some quality of life ideas (maybe for the full release?):

  • Some aesthetic details for night missions, such as lighting torches on the walls to provide lighting. 
  • Extra details for maps – eg: lifts, minecarts, etc. to make transport around maps quicker, and to deliver the player to places.
  • Naked Annie operating the drone while doing her best to cover up. 

Some Bugs:

- HP continues to drop if you hit ESC while in a sex scene. Might've reported that one already.

- Skeletons can shoot through walls (and all enemies can detect you through walls. Spiders can sometimes sense when you're above them as well.)

- Some ledge glitches where you just catch the edge of the ledge and get stuck or jitter about for a few seconds

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1) It will make game more challenging with the new unkillable enemy I'm planning to add. So will keep it the same.

2) That achievement is already there. At the time only had 3 achievements programmed. Will change the title to this one because I like this better.

3) Indiana Jones? Will think about it later.


Regular skin animation just finished a while ago. I will make the rest same as you mentioned but will replace the red one with base animation.

Quality of life:

1) The games inspiration is taken Spelunker nes. I had plans to cart and lift in the game but it wasn't working well. Player always float in air if lift or cart is moved. I manage to do it in other game but not in this one. Thus as the little sister is a genius, came up with teleportation device idea.

2) Maybe she becomes naked after attacked by creatures?


I think first and third have been taken care. Need to fix the second one.

Thanks for the ideas. I hope you are not too disappointed for rejecting some of the ideas.


1 - Okay cool, no worries. That sounds interesting!

2 - Ahh I see, I must have missed it somehow. Glad you like the idea!

3 - Yep! Figured it'd be another fun little thematic reference, like the 'tomb explorer' one I think is going to be


Okay cool, no worries. I'm glad you liked the other ideas! 


1 - No worries, that makes sense. Some things can't be helped, and it makes sense for the teleportation device in-universe then.

2 - That was the idea! ;) Just seemed like it'd fit with the game, like how the player character does too.

I'm always happy to provide ideas, and dw, I understand. You can't include everything in a game, and some thing don't or won't work, or just don't fit in with the game. I'm just happy you consider some of my ideas to be worth including in the game!

Hey, I just had a thought. Could you program lifts the same way that you programmed the floating platforms? Just reskin a platform and call it a lift?


I will try because it was throwing player off the ground.


I've been keeping an eye on the progress, you've really been forging ahead! I almost can't wait for another month to pass before the next update drops.


Yes! I am trying to add as much content as possible for update 0.2 before Sep 6th. Will spend next 3 days for testing and reducing size a bit(As of now it is costing 4 GB of HDD space).

I'm glad to hear it! from the devlog it sounds like there's gonna be a lot to do in the new update, so take your time. 

I do have a quick question though - boss enemies? Will there be an end-game boss, or will it be a decision at the end? (or would that be spoilers? ;) )

Honestly, 4GB isn't the worst I've seen when it comes to porn games, some of them have real size issues. 

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The end will be decision based. More like what actions you take in the end. Planning to have four endings.

Okay awesome, that'd be cool.

Will you have different action available to take in the ending according to in-game stats? (Eg - if you collected all artefacts) or is it fully independent? 


So 0.2 is coming on sept. 10th or 0.3? I got lost there. Also is there a thing you using version numbers like this? You said with 0.3 the game is going to be completed. For me it's 1.0. And your 0.2 is 0.9 for me.


0.2 , I was planning to release 1.0 by that time but drawing images are taking more time than I thought. I didn't have knowledge about versioning until now so my previous game is complete but has version 0.3.2. Will make it correct this time.

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No apologies needed you're human. I'm sure the 0.2 release will sate some hunger

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Images and other animations are taking long to complete and I'm redrawing level 19,24 and 24a as they are special levels. It is going to take more time but I have a possible release date. 10th Sep 2021.

Just now discovered this devlog. By the looks of it, it seems development is going steadily forward and at a faster pace than I initially thought. Great work!

I originally thought you didn't post devlogs and just worked at it without bothering to provide info on progress, but I sure was wrong. I agree with your opinion on Patreon being unnecessary stress load added, so once again I will only say this: Take your time and keep up the great work. Cheers!


Perhaps you've done a "oopsie" of this was on purpose, but the game contains currently 16 playable levels yet the game's folder contains 19 of them. Moreover, in the Achievements list I could see Golem, Head Hunter and Vine already listed.

I've absolutely no idea what this "Head Hunter" might be, but I not-so-secretly hope it's related to a certain alien called Xenomorph. Or I'm completely wrong and it's going to be a human / monster type of enemy.



Yes there are 20 levels according to Unity Editor, but four of them are main menu, map, cut-scene, more levels screen and the rest 16 are actual levels.

I already have plans to add them in future updates that's why their achievements are available. But for now they don't affect unlocking 'Naked' skin. Completing any 15 achievements can unlock the skin.

Head hunter are not like Xenomorphs. Those aliens will have their own game. As the name suggest they will be only interested in getting oral.