Rebuild Update 0.7.2 Plans (Latest)

Update 0.7.2 Plans:-



  • Level 17 - Worm Nest


  • Shell Worm (30%)

  • Jellyfish



  • 2P - Shellworm, jellyfish


  • 3P - Mushroom-men



Bugfixes and more:-

  • Upgrading attack power worsening rapid fire accuracy.
  • Skull slug hiding behind ladders.
  • Made some achievements working.
  • Not able to complete a level even after completing objectives(Not sure myself)
  • Metal gate colliders fixed.
  • Can eat bun for low shield.
  • Quadpuss spit poisons but doesn't damage.
  • Special material buy glitch.
  • Annie's input settings not saved.
  • Annie runs in reverse for a secret animation.
  • Regina's image stays if a secret animation is triggered.
  • Zombie kills Annie even after escaping it's grapple sex animation.
  • Zombie no sex sound.
  • Rose blank dialogs for alternate language.
  • Repurposed some scrapped animations from Magic Ring as new secrets. Ask zombie Rose help not LAGS.

Update 0.7.1:-



  • Level 3 - Perilous Rift



  • Skull Slug

  • Plant-man



  • 2P - Skullslug, plantman.

Bugfixes and more:-


  • Annie's underwear removed for naked skin.
  • Annie's non playable levels will not appear on map.
  • Invisible letter in the cutscene.
  • Annie bat image visible in gallery when not unlocked.
  • Animation button is Annie's main menu visible.
  • Jetpack flies away after reaching extraction point.
  • Annie still uses jetpack after grabbed by zombie.
  • Annie zombie 3P animation glitch.
  • Annie controls are now handled by different inputs.
  • No eating sound for Annie.


  • Zombie skipping shopgirl.
  • Food and bomb upgrade button and level bar glitch.
  • Conversation with Ruth glitches.
  • Hailey's upgrades level not visible in shop.
  • Annie's special dialog not updating.
  • Some pictures not visible in image gallery.
  • Blank screen after level 16.
  • Hailey's powered mode glitch while climbing rope or cliff.
  • Missing arrow indicator in level 8.
  • Missing swamp sprite in level 13.


Update 0.7:-

New Skin:-

Will begin implementing the new skin and it's feature from this update.

  • Super Hailey



  • Level 0 - Tutorial 
  • Level 1- Pest Control   
  • Level 2 - Honey Collection



  • Quadpuss
  • Zombie

Traps & Puzzles:-


  • Wind turbines.



  • 2P - Worm, Bat, Quadpuss & Zombie.
  • 3P - Zombies.


  • Annie bat.


  • Now you can save those missing girl but they are not different locations.(need to rescue them to unlock Annie's levels)
  • Added new translation system for custom dialogs.
  • Super mode ability.

Note:- Golem is cancelled and replaced with Papa Goblin.

Get (WIP) Hailey's Treasure Adventure(+18)

Buy Now$2.00 USD or more


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Another bug fix is coming soon. One quest can be complete after this update.

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when it will release on phone? sorry for bad english

When the 1.0 version will be released

I think Heather's football challenge is bugged. Nets and balls don't seem to appear on any maps other than Perilous Rift

They do. You have to talk to trigger cutscene in that map so the challenge will be active. To trigger the cutscene go back to surface and on the left side of the screen. You will see two NPC playing football. Going close enough will trigger the cutscene. After that you can go back to other maps.


Why doesn't Annie get pregnant?

She's not programmed to get pregnant.

I forgot to update the link... Complicated

It's the url to google drive. To share link you have right click on that file and copy link. Then paste it here.

Zombies in Annie's Adventure die instantly (don't emit their soul) if they were killed with the ground blast. Is that how it's meant to be?

(1 edit)

Souls have 4 hp which are easily killed by ground blast as soon as they spawn.

how do you get annies other stages

There are only three playable and a tutorial one.

Ive seen some of them, but for some reason ive done all haileys levels to lvl 16 and found all the poster girls. Yet i still dont have all these levels unlocked. Ive also done annies tutorial level and 1st stage along with finding the red gem. I still havent gotten the stages past the 1st proper stage for annie. If you can please let me know why

Not the poster. In new version you find them in different places in Hailey's gameplay. I'm planning to upload a video with all secrets for people not able to find a particular thing.

i cannot find the Moonray Sinkhole map on annie’s side

Find the girl in level 8 of Hailey's game.

I fixed the problem with the translation link, as you said

You have give me that link as well.

1- Portuguese translations of versions 0.7

2- As for Lustful, the translation is more or less at 50%

You have to right click and share with anyone with link option for me to be able to download it.

If i payed for it on my phone with 6.3 will i get the 7 update


Nothing like a good blowjob.

(2 edits) (+1)(-1)

Hey how do you get this scene? Because I've been trying to figure out the stuff with like the Robot, These two, the plant chick and the other chick whos looking for a goblin and so far haven't been able to figure any of it out 

(2 edits) (+1)

Where is the net? I try to find a net but I can't find a net.

Sorry for my english

Don't apologize, your English is very good.  Anyway, firstly the network is on the right side of the map at the top, you can notice it by going to the edge of the map and pressing the Q shortcut to obtain a field of view.  All you have to do is take the ball there and push it with as much force as possible so that it enters the net.

Which map are the ball and net on?

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The map of the skull slug

Thank you!

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I might sound stupid, but how do you get the ball and is it possible for you to provide a picture of where the ball and goal are? cause i cant seem to find it

Yes please! If someone could do this I will love you forever!

how take the ball ⚽️ to up ⬆️ 

Already take the ball and shoot to goal 🥅 I know right under map,  but what i do after that to get the Scene 

If you explain it with picture ill be thankful ☺️ 

How did you get that scene xD?


Yeah, she was over confident with her challenge but she don't know how skill Annie is with the ball.

hey i just brought this game... how can i play like yours

What do you mean? U says about play the game with Annie?

hi LAGS, bug report. in annie's perilous rift, dialogue with plant woman hangs and crash. only blue box. need to restart the game.

Yes, been reported and will be fixed in upcoming bugfix.

Was this fixed already? I talked to her without any issues. Got the poison quest from her.

You could. But there are two conversations that increase her progress number resulting in blank dialogue box later.

How do you get annie's level 2?

Find more missing girls in Hailey's game.

I have forgot the other secret. In level 3 i found this girl. She want a goblin husband. How can i progress her quest?


Hi, if you don't mind can I contact with you? I have some cuestions pls.

okey mate

Do you have Telegram?

Unfortunatel, i dont have

Okey :") how do I contact with you?

You can't until level 5.

Last secret is in level 2. There is a secret cave top left if you go there, you will find a red gem. There is secret passage on it.

afterwards top of the map i have found masuo with other girl again. They were speaking like came from past.We will continue to follow and support with curiosity until v1.0. Good job mate

Other secret is in same map, in mini goal hole top right of the hole. I found this plant-girl 

Guys i have found some of secrets in annie's gameplayat bottom of the level 3 i found a mini goal and if you put in this goal a skull, it is appear a goal sign on the screen.

after that i took my jetpack and i went up. Masuo and girl occur top left of the map. I talked to them but there is no animation. I just think it's an easter egg related to the magic ring.

There will be animations if you hit the balls into the goal correctly.

How can i hit correctly?

Hey  I didn't found the new Super Hailey skin in the 0.7 update, and didn't found the papa goblin either. Anyone found it ?

Super Hailey skin is there in this update but it's temporary.  Papa goblin is not done yet.

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