Rebuild Update 0.7 Plans

New Skin:-

Will begin implementing the new skin and it's feature from this update.

  • Bikini Skin
  • Super Hailey (80%)


  • Level 17 - Magma Burnt Caves(Poisoned Level)
  • Level 18 - Spider Nest
  • Level 19 - Goblin Mountain
  • Level 20 - Labyrinth Pyramid
  • Level 21 - Finding Annie
  • Level 21.1 - Escape


  • Slime
  • Mummy
  • Demon (Boss) (Must defeat Grandpa Goblin first)
  • Grandpa Goblin (Boss)
  • ????? (Ass-ass-in replacement)
  • ?????? 

Traps & Puzzles:-

  • Disappearing platforms.
  • Instant Death Magma.


  • 2P - Slime, Mummy, Demon, Papa Goblin,
  • 3P - Goblin-Worm, Spider-Worm, Papa Goblin-Goblin.
  • Other - 2 more secret animations.
  • NPC 'A' x Hailey (90%)

  • NPC 'A' x NPC 'B' (95%)

  • NPC 'A' x NPC 'B' 2 (95%)


  • Uncertain,

Note:- Golem is cancelled and replaced with Papa Goblin.

Get Hailey's Treasure Adventure(+18)

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Yo LAGS can you give a guess date when you done with the over project or some thing like that?

If you read his latest comment on the other project he does not have a current estimated release date for that project, or this one

Long story short just gotta wait. pass the time with a book or try a new hobby and check back in a month or so, that's what I've been doing anyway.


Hey LAGS we need discord server to 

 keep up with new updates and games 

Any updates?

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He's working on a different project rn.

You've asked this question 4 times in one month and he's already told you multiple times that he's working on the other game currently.

Yea sorry for that馃槄

(1 edit) (+2)

Just wanted to say development might be slow, and we might be impatient at times but we all believe in you!

Any updates Lags?

Sorry! I haven't began working on it yet. The ghost game is taking longer because of some unplanned features.



Btw,LAGS, you forgot about the zombie x3 gallery pic, you said that will be added in next minor patches or so.


Any updates?


I will resume working on it once I'm done with update of new project. Please be patient until then.


I know this game is near the end, but is there any chance you expand on it even more, or even release a sequel later down the road? I think this is the best NSFW game I ve ever played

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I'm not sure about a sequel but there will be a game with same protagonist.

I guess Hailey but 20 years later? Saw some stuffs/pics in ghost game u work rn,btw,the mc from that game isnt hailey s son? Or maybe annie 10 years later? As a replace for Hailey that now retired due to family life?

(1 edit) (+1)

It will be a year later after this game's timeline. Hailey would never retired as she will never get old. She has an essence of Sugar in her. But the HTA2 would be last where she will be a main character. Ted is doesn't relate to them in anyway.

Any updates?

What is the name of your 2 game

If you mean his current second project he is working on, that is Lustful Spirit Hunt.

If you mean his other games, then check in top right corner "View all by LAGS".

In order of creation - College Brawl, SurVive!, Hailey's Treasure Adventure, Lustful Spirit Hunt

One question, will the new update be released on Android at the same time as the PC update? Or will Android have to wait longer for the update?

It seems that the update on android should be released later than the PC


I would like to ask a few questions. 1 question: will there be new animations with 2-3 and 4 enemies, I would like to see more good animations} 2 question: will the game stop? on version 0.7 or will it continue to evolve?} 3 question. will this game be translated into Russian} 4 question are you working 1? or do you have a team? Question 5 we return to the 2nd question. will the game continue to evolve?If there is- will there be more enemies and animations in it? I love LAGS for their games


1) There will be multiple animations for Annie featuring 2-3 enemies.

2) After update 0.7, there will be one more update for Annie's game play which will be final major update for the game. After that will only patch any bug reported by users.


answer question 4


He works alone


Dude have you ever heard of manners?

Any updates?


Please be patient, I'm mainly focused on ghost game right now. Once it's updated will shift my attention on this game.

Ok bro wish you luck




I'm a little disappointed that this game will end, I prefer this game to continue to update until the hundreds of levels, I'm willing to pay for this JNI game

That would be awesome if possible.

I would honestly pay for more levels plus more creatures as DLCs. 


Any updates?


Please be patient. I want to update the new ghost game first then will shift my focus completely to this game.




When will the update come?


Not until April or even May.


let him cook

Will update 0.7 be released for mac?


I wish there was a sex scene with a horse.

That wiok be on Update 8 or something

No 0.8 for hailey ,but there will be annie route next after he finish hailey route with a few levels of her own.

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She will encouter some goblins,zombies....worms i think and some 2-3 more enemy units....For the purpose of science,ofcourse.....XD

Lol i see that gonna be one new enemy for annie too


i wouldn't mind some bestiality too

As lags said a wille ago,this is the final form of hailey adventure route end. No new stuffs will be implemented.

cuando sale la proxima actualizacion y se q no pero q no quede preguntar sera gratis algun dia

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