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What is the code to have CHER


Type this in the console :-savage


Just wanted to praise you, LAGS, for an amazing job u did. Love all of your games, and this one was a pleasant surprise for me, i did not expect to fall in love with this game. The porn aspect is more of a cherry on top at this point - the innovative gameplay is what really keeps me engaged. Your pixelated artstyle is another thing, so minimalistic yet so satisfying and pleasing to the eye. You did a grand job with this one and i hope to see more content from you soon. 

I only wish there were some pixel animations in SurVive, like there are in Hailey's Adv. Welp, here's hoping for SurVive 2 in the future.


Why guides are useless


How to find flashlight

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why can't I buy a card and so on. I click pay and then nothing

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How to finish "Shopping Center?"

Check Guide.txt. I have mentioned the tools need to complete it.


Why does it sounds like a 60 seconds variant

I have an S9 and when i open the game it stretches, is there a way to adjust resolution in game?

I'm unable to load a saved game on mac

If you are getting 'This application can't be opened' error then try following steps in this video.

Please release a 64 bit version of all your games for Android! ;)


Bro, I just can't unlock the last mission, i tried everything. My time is almost over so please, help me

The last mission for me was the hunting mission and I didn’t receive anything from the girls stating that specific mission. I got the mission around the 36 and 37 days on two play throughs. Just keep checking the operations and hopefully it’ll come up.

Tysm man

No problem glad to help!

My Mac dont open the game, how to solve?


If you are getting 'This application can't be opened' error then try following steps in this video.



What website do i go to see the sceens


Which version do i download for the latest update and is there a version difference between mobile and pc?


V1.0.2. No is no difference between those devices.


thank you

How do i make lust pills and how do I get the items for lust pills?? 

Sorry of late reply,

You can make it with one red herb and two green ones. Those herbs can be obtained after doing New Research centre mission or you can get one by doing College mission.

Do you have another type of purchase?

I only have the ones provided by itch.


How do I get mod survive APK in mobile


How do I get mod survive APK


Why do Isabel come with Chinese information sometimes


How to get guns


Why are cheat codes not working


It must be typed in capital or small letter.


What do I have to do for the last mission to appear?


It's with an NPC called Sam. Send Leona on explorations. She has higher chances of encountering him.

How to complete Shoping Mail quest?

I can't fing a guide.txt. file to find out

Axe and Injection. The text file is in the demo section.


How I obtain  Alex?

You will find her randomly during an expedition but must have a cure in available in team's inventory. Otherwise you can type 'mechanic' in the cheat menu.


Hey Lags, just thought I'd let you know someone else has posted this on itch


Yes, already contacted itch support. This guy is uploading his entire library.

*my... or *your


I meant his. He uploaded close 15 games.


is there a patreon?


No patreon.


how do you compleat the hunter mission?

Alright so what the hell do i do tho


When i type in the codes they dont work..

Will there be another update?...


No, this game's development is done.


Hi ! your game has a lot of potential ! Why did you stop the developmentof this game and not go futher ? i like it so much^^ and i am so sad to have already finished it TwT

Como faço pra conseguir comida e água?

Send the girls on exploration. They will stumble upon it at random.

i have an old dell laptop and im new i downloaded the demo but i dont know how to open it can someone give a quick rundown or recomend a video 

Extract files into a folder using applications like winzip and winrar.


how do i get that?


You stumble upon it during the exploration.


I need some cheat guys can I have some


read pls


You should have got a download link in the email or go to my library.

Yo LAGS will there be a second part to this game or something?👴

 I have a prequel planned for future but gameplay will be different.


How do you unlock Cheryl?


U can only find her by exploring or The Cheat Codes ‘savage’

Is it possible to change the language in the game?

No, there are only two language supported.

Is there going to be a 5th character added to the game? (Android)

No, these 4 four characters are final.


Help! I Need a list of all Operations! I am missing one of it! And Idk why I still didn't get it. I always explore! I'm at 11/12 right now!

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