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A point and click resource management game. You have to manage given resources while completing all given operation.

Note:-PLEASE CHECK THE COMPATIBILITY WITH DEMO VERSION BEFORE PURCHASING GAME.  If a Mac user have "Big Sur" or "Catalina" installed you may not be able to play the game as Gatekeeper will not allow this app to open. As of now there is no confirm working solution for this issue.


Android, PC and Mac(Mac users please read note).

Tested for aspect ration with 4:3, 5:3, 16:9, 18:9, 19:10. May support aspect ratio other than these. 


Two years ago humanity was near extinction because of a deadly viral outbreak. Since then people are trying to live normal life but there is a group called 'Hunters' who are trying to take over everything.  You must help the protagonist to complete all mission and stop Hunters within 45 days.


1)Objective:- You have to completed all 12 operations/missions within 45 days to beat the game. There are three characters you have to manage, Isabel, Leona and Alexandria. Isabel is available from the beginning of the game. Rest of the characters can be found during exploration.(You must have first-aid kit for Leona and a cure for Alex to recruit them your team.)

2)Schedule Book:-

You can assign tasks to a character by clicking their portrait on the board. It open a schedule book. Select any of tasks from below.


There are six stats you have to manage.

*Health - Can be refilled by resting(+15) or using first-aid kit(Maxed). Health is reduced when your character is hurt during exploration or operations. Sometimes health is reduced overtime if your character is naked or infected(Click on icon above the player to cure if you have a cure-shot).

*Hunger - Can be refilled with food(+75).

*Thirst - Can be refilled with water(+75).

*Sanity - Can be improved by performing activities.

*Horniness - Can be improved by performing some activities.

*Cloths - Can be improved using fabric(+1).(If  your character is naked her health is reduced by 2 after each turn.)

Note:- Once their critical stats, ie, health, hunger and water has reached and stayed zero for some time, your character will be dead and can't be controlled for the rest of the game. Your character can survive 2 days if hurt, 3 days without water and 7 days without food.


*Explore:- Send character outside to search for supplies, allies or to unlock missions.

*Activities:-You can perform various activities to improve your characters sanity or sex motive.

*Mission:-You have to complete all 12 missions to beat the game. Some mission are available after triggering some event during exploration. Mission consumes more energy than usual task. Some mission need your character to have certain items in their inventory. It can added or removed by clicking on the icon of the items.(Some missions have two possible scenarios, so items required for that mission may vary each time.)

*Rest:-Resting adds +15 HP to your character.


Show log of a task performed by your character. You need to read the log as you may understand which Item is required for the mission.


You can exchange or make new items in catalog menu.(Some items are found during exploration only.)


The computer possess data of your character and photos you purchased from in-game website.

Photos are available for purchase only after certain events are triggered. You will get a notification once a photo is available for purchase.  You need credits to purchase photos.(Credits can be earned by playing 'Butt Impact' game.)

Once the photos are purchase they can be view in 'My Drive'. You can set those as you background of your in-game computer.

Butt Impact game:-

Do not let other objects pass through. If you missed 5 time, you are out.

Use "W" and "D" to move up and down. Press "K" to fire projectiles. 

Cheat Codes:-

You can access cheats menu by clicking a button at the bottom right corner in pause menu.
Type in following codes in the text box and press ok.

*hungry (+1 food)

*starving (+3 food)

*picnic (+10 food)

*thirsty (+1 water)

*dehydrated (+3 water)

*watertank (+10 water)

*revival (revives all dead character) (N/A in Demo)

*babysitter (adds Leona to party)(N/A in Demo)

*leader (adds Isabel to party)(N/A in Demo)

*hornygirl (adds Alexandria to party)(N/A in Demo)

*savage (adds Cheryl to party)(N/A in Demo)

*boxofjoy (+2 food, +2 water, +2 metal, +2 wood, +2 fabric)

*orangeherb (+2 green and pink herb)

*medikit (+1 first-aid kit and cure)

*superhealing (heals all characters to max health)

*nosex (reduces horniness of all characters)

*amused (maxed sanity of all characters)

*boost (+3 enhancement serum)

*powergirl (+10 enhancement serum)

*vaccinated (cures infection of all characters)

*outoftime (-10 days)(N/A in Demo)

*blacksmith (naked Isabel)

*farmer (naked Leona)(N/A in Demo)

*mechanic (naked Alexandria)(N/A in Demo)

*waitress (naked Cheryl)(N/A in Demo)

*invincible (All stats stays maxed)(N/A in Demo)**New 

*mortal (Reverts 'invincible cheat)(N/A in Demo)**New 

*reset (Reset all H-Images unlock stats)**New

Update 07/05/2021

Version 0.3.2

  • Minor UI fix.

Update 31/03/2021

Version 0.3a

  • Added a new 'reset' cheat code which reset all H-Images.
  • Shopping Mall mission rewards gun.

Update 14/01/2021

  • Added New Character.
  • Added 24 New Images to unlock.
  • Please see DevLog - Updated v.3.0  for more details.

Update 23/12/2020

  • Rescue operations bug fixed.
  • Alex favorite TV channel - static images changed with animations.

Update 18/12/2020

  • PC version added.
  • Minor bug fix android version.
Thanks you so much everyone for the support you have shown. I hope you will like upcoming games too.
(If anyone finds any issues please let me know in the comment section.)

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Updated 11 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
GenreStrategy, Survival
Made withUnity, Blender, Krita
Tags2D, Adult, Erotic, Management, nfsw
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.27 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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SurviveMac.0.3a.zip 57 MB
Survive.0.3a.apk 66 MB
SurviveMac.0.3.1.zip 67 MB
Survive.0.3.2.apk 66 MB
SurvivePCx86.0.3.2.zip 55 MB
SurvivePCx64.0.3.2.zip 58 MB
SurviveMacV.0.3.2.zip 67 MB
Survive.0.3.3(CurvedCornersDevices).apk 66 MB
SurviveMac.1.0.1.zip 67 MB

Download demo

cheatcodes.txt 1 kB
survivePCDemo.zip 32 MB
surviveMacDemo.zip 35 MB
surviveAndroiddemo.apk 32 MB
Guide.txt 3 kB

Development log


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I tried to get a bad ending, but it doesn't trigger after those 45 Days. I even tried till 70.


There is no bad ending. The game display game over screen and throws you to Main Menu.

Well, I thought there would be one after the 45 Days, when the Hunters should attack the town, but they never did and there was also no Game Over Screen. That's why I was a bit surprised and thought it might be a Bug.

Does the issue occurs after loading a save game or just playing through the entire game in one go?

Didn’t want to skip days for that long, so I loaded a save. Maybe using the invincible cheat also has to do something with it, although I made sure to turn it off 2 days earlier, just in case.


Mac Ver 3.2

Clicking "Save/Load" in menu does nothing, and makes all the other menu options unavailable. No keyboard inputs help and I am forced to close the program.  Oddly, the cheat menu is still responsive.  Additionally, there is no save data generated/available in "Load Game".  I have also already deleted the aforementioned save data files. Otherwise fun game. Would recommend moving the "X" for closing out windows to the upper right, it would be far more intuitive.  



I don't have Mac to test it but save & load works on PC and Android. It could be because the game is not getting access to the save folder.

Please try the file named 'SurviveMac.1.0.1.zip'. I have changed the save file location in that and also added a button so that if you click rest of the screen when the save window is active, it will close it.

I haven't found any use for the Bow, Compass and Smartphone items. Where are they used?

They are required to complete different missions.

Superb game

(1 edit)

The game is great but the way the hentai pictures are displayed kills the rhythm. Everytime we unlock a CG we have to go to computer and it takes a ton of time to navigate. It would be much more smooth if the CGs were shown by clicking on a picture when you read the story. Minigame to unlock CGs was super boring. Apart from that, great gameplay, stories and amazing art.

(1 edit)

I wanted to display the image on screen once a event is triggered but again I didn't have any idea how would I complete that feat. The picture mechanics and minigames were carried from a game I cancelled before HTA. You can still see animations I made for that game on the TV if Alex is watching it and one background is used in cutscene in HTA. Well I will definitely plan such feature from the beginning.

I noticed that I am unable to preform any actions in the game. Exploring, doing operations, nothing works, it just turns red as if it were highlighted. Maybe I'm missing something, but im very confused. Any help?

hello, once you have selected any task press on the "advance time" button at the top center of the screen. There is a tutorial under option menu which should clear any confusion.

Really enjoyed the game. Thank you for time and effort. I look forward to playing more of your productions.

Couple of points:

The room, house, whatever, seems excessive large in the android version, necessary?

I'm playing on a Google pixel 5, and the front facing camera coupled with the curved screen edges results in closing the computer down impossible. Lucky a screen flip and nimble finger tips can just click the edge of those buttons. Please consider bringing corner buttons in/up from the edges.

Once I worked it out, "Sam" was a good activity to reduce sexual frustration and improve mental health, except for Cheryl? Not his type? Infact Cheryl was definitely the least interesting character.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

(1 edit)

Hello, I'm glad you liked the game. I'll scale all corner buttons a bit so that they can be touched easily.

Edit: Done with scaling the corner buttons please check the newly uploaded apk and let me know.

(1 edit)

Is it just me? I couldn't either save nor load the game properly while in full screen.


Have you download version V.0.3.2? Try deleting all saves completely from "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\LAGS\SurVive!" (Delete all files located in above folder).


Pretty nice game. 4 stars and a review. RNG captured one of my girls till I lost because I never stumbled upon a compass.

UI bug: Sending Stronk Girl (dunno if I should spoil?) on a mission renames the inventory to hers and the bottom inventory as another girl's.

Like the game so far, I hope you have some more animated pixel lewds planned. Especially since Leona feels so indebted to Isabel, that makes for a great girl time topic. *wink wink wink*

Thank you. I will have a look into this issue.

After reloading my save, I'm not able to craft an axe in the items menu despite having the required materials.

Please check if any of the girls have axe in their inventory. Some items can only be crafted if there is none in any inventory.

Rest seems useless....

Hm. I think it should be restoring small amounts of health.

Hi, this game looks promising but I just wanted to ask is it finished or is this a work in progress?

Hello, this game is completed. But I will make a sequel with platforming mechanics in the future.

2 Questions

how do you meet Sam?

And how do you unlock the hunting mission?

You can meet Sam during explorations. To unlock hunting mission you have to meet him twice(Only Leona unlocks hunting mission after first encounter.)

Deleted 160 days ago

Which device you are using? Try typing cheats with all small or all caps letters.

Im having trouble getting the gun, I did the shopping mall and the woman gives me her gun but its not in my inventory after, I have brought cure and axe


Hello there, thank you for bringing it to my notice. I have fixed the issue, now after completing that mission gun is added to crew's inventory.


Perhaps I've been doing something wrong, or the game's RNG gave me the shaft. I'm currently stuck at 10 Operations completed out of 12. I have Isabel, Leona and Alexandria.

I'm trying to complete the Shopping Mall, but I always fail no matter which character I send there with any item combination. I always end up with them coming back home with an infection. What am I supposed to do there?

I also can't find the last Operation, no matter how many times I've sent everyone on explorations to look for new items and locations. Any help there? A walkthrough, perhaps?

Hello, I have uploaded a guide.txt to help you with the progress. Please check it out and let me know if you have any other queries.

(1 edit)

many features are neat in all but two things i feel are missing that could improve the games quality are: Non-standard game overs for situations were ether all characters are dead/have no heath/no more food and/or water to feed starving girls.

another thing the game could use is to show the photos again on repeating events on the end reports for them.

other than that this game is quite solid for what it is

Hello :)
How can i reset the game ? even if i delete all the save, the images are always unlocked 

Hello! I haven't implemented script to reset progress as I expected anyone would want to do that. Please wait until I add a cheat code to reset progress or you can do it by deleting "settings.txt" located in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\LAGS\Survive\

i like to discover the dialogue with the image unlocked at the same time xD
thank for your help ^^

How do i eat and drink? Inventory has disappeared.

if you have enough resources click on character's portrait to open logbook. click on green plus icon to replenish stats. if any of the stat is low inventory will not be visible.


characters finds gun during an exploration.

(1 edit)

It crashing when I make a new game is happening again with the new version );

I have uploaded a new file with previous player settings "survive.0.3.OpenGL2.apk".

 Please download it and savefiles.zip. Once downloaded 'savefiles.zip' extract it into your 'Android/data/com.LAGS.SurVive' folder in your internal and external sdcard.

Please let me know if this resolves the issue.

Damn didn't work

It is really difficult to know what causing this issue as nor me or my  acquaintance has this device. Please allow me sometime to do more research meanwhile try these steps and see if this resolves the issue.

1) Go to Settings–> Apps& Notifications–> App info
2) Go to the app that is causing issues in the list and tap on it
3) Go to storage and you will see options for Clear Cache and Clear Data
4) First, tap on Clear Cache and check whether this fixes the issue
5) If it didn’t work tap on Clear Data and check whether this fixes the issue
6) If both Clear Cache and Clear Data didn’t work check where the app is installed on SD Card or on internal storage
7) If it was installed on SD card try moving it to internal storage and if on internal storage try moving it to SD card.

None of those worked either

Hello! Please check the OpenGL 2 apk again. I have tried all of the possible solutions. hope this works for your device.

Anyone facing issue with game on android devices, please check the new version 0.3.

Can i buy the game with another Method?

As of now the game is only available on itch.io and DLSite. So you have use the payment methods offered by these sites.

Ah...i was gonna buy it but...well not my luck i don't have a PayPal or Credit

I have a question.

Yesterday I bought this game on that page. Today I noticed that there is v0.3, but I cannot download it. I'm confused... Do I have to pay for each version of your game?

No you don't to pay for every version. Version 0.3 is yet to be released.

Sorry for the stupid question. The brain hasn't yet started working... after the New Year celebration)

Every time I press new game it crashes making the game unplayable...

Hello, does this issue causes with PC version? If yes do you get this kind of error with game icon instead of unity?

I play on mobile

May I know your mobile brand and model please? So that I test the game on similar device to diagnose the problem.

Im on a Nokia 2.1 and meh model is TA-1093

Oh it's fixed

That's great! How did you worked it out?

For the pc ver the game froze during the transition when skipping to the next day, this does not happen to the apk ver


I'm sorry that you are facing this issue. During my testing I never encounter such issue. So I want you to answer few questions so that I can look further into it.

1.Does that issue occurs on any specific day and does it happens when proceeding from night to morning?

2.Which characters are available in the team?

Deleted 274 days ago
(1 edit)

Please check the version 0.2 updated for PC. I have changed the save file location and format to simple text so it should solve the issue(Previous save games will not be available). Game should take 5-10 seconds to load. If that works fine for you please let me know.

The game is a bit very buggy, and the English needs some work (I'm happy to help if it's wanted) but it's quickly become one of my favourites, definitely worth the full price, let alone the discounted price of less than £/$1. It's got a really good atmosphere to it, and the managerial style is enjoyable, in the vein of This War of Mine, albeit not quite as dark. 

I will say, the game can be quite challenging, especially on the first run. Most of the operations require discovery through exploration and often don't tell you what's required to progress/complete, which can alter the outcome (such as high friendly casualties, though I'm not sure what this effects yet) and so requires multiple attempts or save-scumming to complete, which is the point I suppose. The fine-balance of operations, exploration, and resources is pretty good most of the time. 

Furthermore, the kind-of RNG style of the game isn't going to be for everyone - on a couple of runs I never discovered a couple of operations and couldn't find one of the girls (Alex both times, though she's my least favourite sooo...) despite being comparatively safe resource-wise, causing both to fail. 

But I still really enjoy the game, so there's that. Its few animations are better (I'd argue) than those in the previous project, College Brawl (despite only having a handful by comparison), the CGs are nice, there are a lot of events you can encounter, and plenty of things to try and balance.

I'd recommend it personally, and I'm interested in supporting future projects of a similar sort, maybe even to get involved from a writing/correction standpoint. 


Thank you very much for your review.  

I'm glad you are enjoying the game. I hope improve the CG in future projects making more like high quality anime style.

I was planning to make Alex the main protagonist of part two(which is more like prequel). But I guess I will run a poll or maybe make all of them playable with their own story. 

I'm planning to expand my team for future projects as I don't wanna mess up the game because of bad dialogues or visuals. I'll definitely seek for your help in those upcoming projects.

Stay safe and healthy.

No worries, I usually put reviews on games I think deserve them. 

That's interesting. Was it because of the higher chance of getting a sex scene with her? I don't dislike her, I just don't like her as much as the other two.

I wouldn't worry too much about it, I really like the style of the game currently and the dialogue isn't a huge issue, just more 'quality of life' really (though a larger team never hurts).  If I'm around and you want me to, I'd be happy to have a crack at the dialogue, just give me a heads up!

You stay safe too man


(1 edit)

Yes, I initially used this feature to test the game but later made it a cheat code system. You can access cheat window through pause menu. Type in any code from 'cheatcodes.txt' and press OK (or 'Enter' for PC version).

(1 edit)

uhm what text?   i'm fing blind  i can see it