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A point and click resource management game. You have to manage given resources while completing all given operation.

Note:-PLEASE CHECK THE COMPATIBILITY WITH DEMO VERSION BEFORE PURCHASING GAME.  If a Mac user have "Big Sur" or "Catalina" installed you may not be able to play the game as Gatekeeper will not allow this app to open. As of now there is no confirm working solution for this issue.


Android, PC and Mac(Mac users please read note).

Tested for aspect ration with 4:3, 5:3, 16:9, 18:9, 19:10. May support aspect ratio other than these. 


Two years ago humanity was near extinction because of a deadly viral outbreak. Since then people are trying to live normal life but there is a group called 'Hunters' who are trying to take over everything.  You must help the protagonist to complete all mission and stop Hunters within 45 days.


1)Objective:- You have to completed all 12 operations/missions within 45 days to beat the game. There are three characters you have to manage, Isabel, Leona and Alexandria. Isabel is available from the beginning of the game. Rest of the characters can be found during exploration.(You must have first-aid kit for Leona and a cure for Alex to recruit them your team.)

2)Schedule Book:-

You can assign tasks to a character by clicking their portrait on the board. It open a schedule book. Select any of tasks from below.


There are six stats you have to manage.

*Health - Can be refilled by resting(+15) or using first-aid kit(Maxed). Health is reduced when your character is hurt during exploration or operations. Sometimes health is reduced overtime if your character is naked or infected(Click on icon above the player to cure if you have a cure-shot).

*Hunger - Can be refilled with food(+75).

*Thirst - Can be refilled with water(+75).

*Sanity - Can be improved by performing activities.

*Horniness - Can be improved by performing some activities.

*Cloths - Can be improved using fabric(+1).(If  your character is naked her health is reduced by 2 after each turn.)

Note:- Once their critical stats, ie, health, hunger and water has reached and stayed zero for some time, your character will be dead and can't be controlled for the rest of the game. Your character can survive 2 days if hurt, 3 days without water and 7 days without food.


*Explore:- Send character outside to search for supplies, allies or to unlock missions.

*Activities:-You can perform various activities to improve your characters sanity or sex motive.

*Mission:-You have to complete all 12 missions to beat the game. Some mission are available after triggering some event during exploration. Mission consumes more energy than usual task. Some mission need your character to have certain items in their inventory. It can added or removed by clicking on the icon of the items.(Some missions have two possible scenarios, so items required for that mission may vary each time.)

*Rest:-Resting adds +15 HP to your character.


Show log of a task performed by your character. You need to read the log as you may understand which Item is required for the mission.


You can exchange or make new items in catalog menu.(Some items are found during exploration only.)


The computer possess data of your character and photos you purchased from in-game website.

Photos are available for purchase only after certain events are triggered. You will get a notification once a photo is available for purchase.  You need credits to purchase photos.(Credits can be earned by playing 'Butt Impact' game.)

Once the photos are purchase they can be view in 'My Drive'. You can set those as you background of your in-game computer.

Butt Impact game:-

Do not let other objects pass through. If you missed 5 time, you are out.

Use "W" and "D" to move up and down. Press "K" to fire projectiles. 

Cheat Codes:-

You can access cheats menu by clicking a button at the bottom right corner in pause menu.
Type in following codes in the text box and press ok.

*hungry (+1 food)

*starving (+3 food)

*picnic (+10 food)

*thirsty (+1 water)

*dehydrated (+3 water)

*watertank (+10 water)

*revival (revives all dead character) (N/A in Demo)

*babysitter (adds Leona to party)(N/A in Demo)

*leader (adds Isabel to party)(N/A in Demo)

*hornygirl (adds Alexandria to party)(N/A in Demo)

*savage (adds Cheryl to party)(N/A in Demo)

*boxofjoy (+2 food, +2 water, +2 metal, +2 wood, +2 fabric)

*orangeherb (+2 green and pink herb)

*medikit (+1 first-aid kit and cure)

*superhealing (heals all characters to max health)

*nosex (reduces horniness of all characters)

*amused (maxed sanity of all characters)

*boost (+3 enhancement serum)

*powergirl (+10 enhancement serum)

*vaccinated (cures infection of all characters)

*outoftime (-10 days)(N/A in Demo)

*blacksmith (naked Isabel)

*farmer (naked Leona)(N/A in Demo)

*mechanic (naked Alexandria)(N/A in Demo)

*waitress (naked Cheryl)(N/A in Demo)

*invincible (All stats stays maxed)(N/A in Demo)**New 

*mortal (Reverts 'invincible cheat)(N/A in Demo)**New 

*reset (Reset all H-Images unlock stats)**New

Update 07/05/2021

Version 0.3.2

  • Minor UI fix.

Update 31/03/2021

Version 0.3a

  • Added a new 'reset' cheat code which reset all H-Images.
  • Shopping Mall mission rewards gun.

Update 14/01/2021

  • Added New Character.
  • Added 24 New Images to unlock.
  • Please see DevLog - Updated v.3.0  for more details.

Update 23/12/2020

  • Rescue operations bug fixed.
  • Alex favorite TV channel - static images changed with animations.

Update 18/12/2020

  • PC version added.
  • Minor bug fix android version.

Update 23/01/2022

  • Fixed game over screen after 45 days or all players are dead.

Thanks you so much everyone for the support you have shown. I hope you will like upcoming games too.
(If anyone finds any issues please let me know in the comment section.)

Contract Us:-


Please visit the link below to know about upcoming games.


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
(110 total ratings)
GenreStrategy, Survival
Made withKrita, Unity, Blender
Tags2D, Adult, Erotic, Management, nfsw
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$1.27 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.27 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Survive.0.3a.apk 66 MB
SurvivePCx86.0.3.2.zip 55 MB
SurvivePCx64.0.3.2.zip 58 MB
Survive.0.3.3(CurvedCornersDevices).apk 66 MB
SurviveAndroid.v.1.0.2.apk 67 MB
SurviveMac.v.1.0.2.zip 67 MB
Survive_x64.v.1.0.2.zip 58 MB
Survive_x86.v.1.0.2.zip 55 MB

Download demo

cheatcodes.txt 1 kB
survivePCDemo.zip 32 MB
surviveMacDemo.zip 35 MB
surviveAndroiddemo.apk 32 MB
Guide.txt 3 kB

Development log


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(1 edit)

How do i get the Pictures Sam fucks Alex, Cheryl busy eating, Leonas Lover  and Alex getting drilled ? I Played for 40 ingame days with exploring but dont get them 

You have complete hunting mission with those girls.

How to get hunting mission?

You will find it during exploration if you encounter a npc called Sam. Leona have higher chances of finding her.

(1 edit)

Played through it like 5 times now; fastest clear time was 26 days. Good game! 

Food stops being an issue as soon as you get Leona lol. She's a lil broken for game balance.

Do I only get her in version 3.0

How do I get Cheryl

You can use cheats or randomly discover her on during an exploration.

How i can unlockt the other characters?


Only way to unlock them is if you find them by chance on an exploration and have correct tools in your inventory.

Or you can use cheats to unlock them.

Is there a faster way to have Sam in the story?

Unlocks randomly with but Leona have better chance of encountering it.

I'm missing some images and would like to know how to find them(just little hints).

  • Alex bathing
  • Isabel trying to fit it
  • Isabel's ass hunted
  • Leona's lover
  • Isabel riding dick
  • Cheryl busy eating
  • Alex getting treatment
  • Alex getting drilled
  • Leona breeding crawlers
  • Leona sucks
  • Leona spooned
  • Isabel riding in town

Also an idea for the image download area, is it possible to organize them in a way so that they all line up? So all of Isabel's scenes and all of alex's scenes line up with Isabel so say bathing scene first, then shopping mall scene second, etc.

I must be dense or something but how to do you play the butt impact game? I can move the dick up and down but no matter what i do I don't get any points

You have press 'K' to shoot them.

(1 edit)

How do I get the gun? I've been needing it for one of the missions.

You will randomly find it on during explorations. I think doing shopping mall mission also gets you a gun.

(1 edit)

I did the shopping mall mission but I still didn't get it, I'll try my luck with explorations. thank you

guess i have two? i bought the bundle i thought it would cut the game that i already owned. that sucks
(1 edit)

Even I was under impression that it would skip already purchased game but I guess I was wrong.

well think of it as a tip from me馃憣

the cheats is not working any idea why?

(1 edit)

They are working as intended. If any confusion is there let me clear it up with following example

For this cheat, *starving (+3 food)   only type starving in the cheat box. It's case sensitive to it has to be either starving or STARVING.

Edit:- You don't see a message if cheat is applied.

i cant seem to type anything inside the code thing

Are you the same person who mailed me?

Try changing resolution. I aware of some issue solved by changing resolution but not sure if it's this one.

i am the person but just now my friend was the one that helped me to send a email using my account ill try changing resolution

how to complete all operations

Check guide.txt.

I want to buy this game But,my Credit card is Declined. Do you know what's the problem?

There could be problem with international transaction with your credit card.


is there a cheat that gives credits?

(2 edits)

Can characters get infected in the demo? Nvm they can, but how do you know how bad the infection is, can they zombify?

(1 edit)

As this is a static game it make more sense to that infection kill them.

I enjoyed playing this. Finished it on my PC, and again on my cat phone.

(1 edit)

Which is latest version? 0.3.2 or 1.0.2? What are the differences


Download v.1.0.2. There isn't much difference in those version except this one has a minor bug fix regarding the 45 days time limit.

Planning on continue updating/supporting the game?

No, but there will be a prequel in the future.


hi after my axe got destroyed, i cld not make the axe again even though i had 2 metal 1 wood. Is this a bug?


Could be possible that the axe maybe in the inventory of one of party members. If not, can you specify  after which mission and who was the character when the axe got destroyed?

yea i found the axe in the inventory after a day or so.

(1 edit)

Speaking of inventory, cheryl suck for me, as I can never see into her inventory. Is this a bug where she doesn't appear, or am i just dense(when clicking chart button at top right corner of screen)?

can u atleast release some of the games and not the just the demo?

(1 edit)


There are three game playable which are made by me. Two of which are complete and one is WIP.

(1 edit)

can you send me a link on what u said was 2 completed games that u made pls :)

This one and and the one in this link :-https://ingeniusstudios.itch.io/high-scho


Is the mining one the WIP?



I was wondering how does your characters get infected?

(1 edit)

If they there is a log that indicates encounter with infected creatures.



how to use the cheat code?

Use the cheats option available in the pause menu.

tried the demo, day 1-4 exploring, day 5 operation, day 6-8 exploring, no more food and dead, great :-(

what am i doing wrong?

and even when i rest, she still says in her logs that she is tired, wtf?

Log shows current or previous activities only. The text only only for understanding and doesn't mean that a character is tired.

How do characters get captured? Havent had it happen yet

Chance is set to 1-2% for all 3 character but Cheryl. She doesn't get captured.

Is that in any situation or on operations?

Is there a cheat code to unlock all h images

There isn't any.

Can I pay you with paypal? 馃 

Yes, itch has this payment method.

What cheatcodes does exist in this game?

The cheat codes are on the description of the game

Is there a scene gallery? Were you woman rewatch animations and not only pictures

There are not many animations compared to pictures so there is no separate gallery for it.

Also, is there a fix to the images on the pc gallery stretching or shrinking on Android?

Unfortunately it is part of UI element so it try to fill the screen. I can try to minimize the stretch but it will still be there at some extent.

How can I delete game progress? Like completely delete with all pictures and etc

Type reset in cheat menu to erase all images data.

it's uhh... laggy as heck. i cannot play the game, sorry...

wow! did not expect this game to get an update. Noice.

Hi! We are looking for partners for "a co-op bundle".

We want to team up with 18+ games. 

How do you  feel about that?

how do I get out of the computer screen??!
everytime I click on the computer I get stuck inside the desktop window

Click on the icon at the bottom left corner to get an option to shut down.


why is it censored?


I built it earlier for a website that requires censorship and forgot to replace the sprites again. Just uploaded the correct version with uncensored sprites.


Is the game finished? I bough it time ago and wanted to see if it is complete and ready


Yes, development is finished for this game.


Cool, thanks!

1.0.1 for PC when? :)


There is no difference between v1.0.1 and 0.3.x. There is a save/load window bug which is resolved.

Plss help, i cant get over with the Shopping Mall operation.

Hello, there is a guide.txt available in the download. It should be able to help you with completing all missions.

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