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when is the college brawl update?

how do you full screen this game

Pressing Alt+Enter should make game full screen.

el mejor juego de todos me gustaría que agregaran más para la travesía del joven y nuevas enemigas femeninas 

It's not going to be updated any more but in future planning to remake this game.

i guess u gonna update the remake no? 

Yes, I'm working on two games at a time. Once HTA is done, that slot will be occupied by remake of this game.

wow ok thanks dude 

It is good game like hta?if it i want to buy it!!

Not as good as that game. But you can buy it once it's remake is out.

when will this be updated its a great game

Will work on it along side another project once HTA is done.

This game is dope. Would be even doper with controller support.

how to play as the woman?

You have to complete the first campaign. Then it is available in the extras menu.

is it uncensored?

It is, even though demo isn't.

Sorry, Finals version? 

Yes this is the complete version of this game.

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Hey, do you have any need for a voice actress? I enjoyed your game and I’d like to contribute if you’re still working on it.

Hello, I don't use twitter so if there is anywhere else I could check your demo reel it would be great.

Okay I uploaded it to Mega: 

Thank you I have checked your demo reel. My thoughts are your voice is more suitable for female antagonist of this game. Let me finish current WIP project so we can talk about this one.

Great! I’m excited. You can contact me on Discord at KarissaPresentsVA #3028 or email at

hi i hope u remember me do uh bout what u sent in the link thought i could play full game TT oh well i guess i could try demo

Okay, so you meant free to play games. I have none right now except an obsolete build of Hailey's Treasure Adventure. Once remaster version is out this old game of CB will be available for free.

i dont think thats a good idea, coz those who paid 4 this game will feel bad that they spent money while others got it 4 free!

Paid version will be replaced with remastered version so I think it's fine.

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You pay,you get front seat,you dont,wait for the next bus. In other words,if you pay you get now the acces,you dont,you wait 1 year or more for free game. But worth to pay for though,great games,and we can see how lags evolved from his first game till present,cant wait for future,will be awesome!

Take all the time you need with making the even new game or whatever it's going to be for this cuz that it's going to be the best game ever cuz you guys make great quality content and I love how to game is now it's going to be even better when you put everything you want into it and as soon as you release it I'm going to be the first person to play it take all the time you want you guys need all the time you can for whatever your new game is you're making and this one and then you have a projects this might take a year it might take a month to make I you know we can wait I would love to see what you make next cuz this is an awesome game I would love to see what new stuff you make keep up the great work you're great developers also I just wanted to give you guys a heads up there is a website saying better to makers of your games and they got a lot of your games under different names and they make it for Android and if you download it me and my friend had an old phone we downloaded the game and it broke the phone also the website has a lot of stuff on it we just don't want you getting in trouble


Thank you! I'm sure you will love the remaster version once it's done.

Which website are you talking about? Does the app from that website broke your phone?

No but I can get you the name I just don't want you getting in trouble the website has your game and a bunch of other people from here's games and I don't know what they're doing but it says it has your game it's the full one and it has a lot of glitches and bugs and stuff I don't know if that's for certain what broke the phone cuz it was old keep up your amazing good work I just don't want you getting in trouble cuz the website is saying it made it you know I just want you to keep safe hope to see more from you in the future sorry if I was bothering you

Hey here you go I found the name of the website there's another one too but I don't know if it's actually you were not it's called ninja games it says it's the latest copy whatever this is there's website name

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Just another website that is sharing cracked/full version of the game. Well this version of the game is going to be pushed to demo so it's ok I guess. But hope once the remastered version is out this game will sold more copies since it will help me not to stray away game developing. Thanks for the heads up though.

Gameplay is kinda... Dull. I like the art, but the actual game is incredibly basic.

How much are the games do you have done is it still in development what's going on with it I am curious sorry for bothering you looks so far of it you have done what will this change of the regular game will this have voice acting what's in it thank you and keep up the good work

Development for remastered version is not yet begun. There is so much left to do for HTA so it is going to take so much time.

Yes, this will replace old version but it will not be completely removed. It will be available in the demo just in case anyone want to see how it was now.

There will be voice acting for both MC and will try to make animated defeat scenes with boss.

Take all the time you need with releasing the new game we don't want you to rush or overstretch yourself

Huh??? Which one is the original on the top or the demo?? What is demo??

Files with version number '1.4.2' are the latest. In demo only two levels are playable.

Thank you!

Is there any updates coming or not at the moment?

This game is complete and out of development phase. I will work on the remastered edition once HTA's development is finished. 

great game!

would be nice if you added the background animation to the gallery 

Hello, there will not be any change made to this game since it will be remastered.

How many copies of remastered have u sold till now?

It's not remastered yet. I will be making one once 5000 copies are sold but I will still do it regardless it reaches the goal. 

Where are the controls? idk what the hell I'm supposed to do.

Controls are:-

A/D - Move
J- Punch
K/Space- Jump
U- Ki Power (Bat swing for Anko)
F- H Scene (Ken only)
V- HP Points  (Ken only)
E- Heal
R- Revive  (Ken only)
O- Max Ki Power
P-  +10 HP Points

Deleted 1 year ago

Don't share ideas yet. I might forget them later. I will let everyone know when I'll be working on the remastered.

okay but still, thanx

And more s*x positions to the animations gallery?(not necessarilly in the missions)like extra only in animation gallery

Do u think "Adding costumes 4 anko's animations" is a good idea?

in the remastered version?

will development of HTA take long to finish?

Unfortunately yes.


when is the next update?

plz add more H-scenes for anko's storyline

Currently finishing HTA. Once that is finished will work on remastered version of this game.

it's nice but is there going to be voices? like take damage voices, or animation voices.. that's the soul of an r18 game like this.. it's no fun without the sounds

That will be done in remastered edition.

hmmm, how far away are we from it?


Somehow I can't unlock the last picture from Anko's Story even though I defeated the last Boss.


Thank you bringing that to my notice. I will upload the fixed version for PC,Mac and Android(Image shows up but not exit button).

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How to use the cheats for Android it seems like it does not work for anko story

tap on 'score' to get 5 health points.

the button or the score ontop

tap on score text

The game over scenes for anko don't seem to trigger, I can only view them in extras after I've finished the game but while I played I didn't get any whenever I died to bosses.

They are only available in extras mode once you beat the boss. They don't triggered when you are defeated by bosses.

It would be really great to display them directly when playing. Not sure what advantage there is only leaving them in the gallery... Btw the Anko's part was really good, thanks for having added that.



I did not had much idea about game design and programming back then. Now after having interactions with people I am taking notes of what kind of feature I should implement into game. The common one being accessing images during playthrough. Even if that's additional work but it will be a lot easier if I planned it earlier.

I'm glad you like her playthrough. Originally I was going to add extra three level for Ken's story but added her gameplay which I think is preferred by many players.

Hello, nice game, only issue here is Anko jump (space key) is quite unresponsive, unlike Ken jump that works perfect for me, also a dildo for Anko beating Masumi or something similiar like the cat lady punishment... have nice day

Hello. I will look into the issue. I did not get the second part though

Hello there,

I have made some changes please see if this resolves the jump issue for you.


Hello, thanks for the try, but still doesn´t work, space key sometimes works, sometimes not

Good news! I have figured out what is causing this issue. I called out her jump in a wrong function. The fixed update will be uploaded soon.

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okay so i get too the stage 2 boss and i hit her a few times then suddenly shes invincible... i cant get past her no matter how much healing items i gather

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Hello, I will look into this issue and get back to you.


Do you face this issue on PC or Android? I have tried the level several times and I was able to all every time. Try restarting the game if that doesn't help give me more details about the issue.

yeah its on pc, ill give that a try then

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The game is quite fun, beat em down and fuck em silly.
6Girls you can fuck as the dude have a nice pose with only 1 downside they always keep their shirts on, I especially like the Green haired girl where her pants is hanging on her foot.

Only time where full exposure occurs is when your playing as the girl and the Final boss fucks you. Love to see more such as that or even Full nelson more skin the better :D

Hope this doesn't spoil too much for others.

Gameplay wise or if there will ever come a second follow-up that the sex scene can be either skipped by hitting a button or prolonged by not hitting any button so you can control how fast/long the animation plays (like Gallery mode but then in the gameplay itself) as same levels have some neat scenery and moment that make fucking them in the open wicked other than that hoping for more poses and exposure during the act. :)

Is there a way to see the multiple animations of Anko? The ones that play when 2 or more enemies "catch" Anko

There is no way view multiple animations at once. You can only view one at a time in animation gallery.

I played both of your games, I think this one is better since it has gangbang animations.

Can you add Masumi was being fucked like cumdump meat toilet, with lots of 正正正 writings on her, after she was defeated by Anko?

The thugs queuing up to fuck restrained Masumi one after another, and writing 正正正 on her would be pretty good.

Adding body count for Anko how many times she got cummed inside is great too.

Nice Work!


Thank you for your reply. I usually don't add content to finished games but I noticed that there is no image and animation of Masumi in Anko's story. I'm uploading a new game in few weeks so I will update this game on the same day.

I noticed your patreon page has been taken down. My condolences, I suggest you create a Cien account so that your patrons can pay you.

Things are safer in Cien

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Well thank you again for noticing it. Fortunately the page has not been taken down. I have fixed the link to my page so that everyone can see upcoming projects.

We need a way to change the controls, the default ones are really awkward.

For pc/mac version?

I'm on PC.

This game has ballbusting too?


All in all i like it, its a shame that it's censured, and you can't see all the pics and animations like the background ones, bur i still like it. Well worth it 


I'm glad you liked the game. I'll be uploading an uncensored version soon once I fix a bug with boss fight 3.



How do you play anko's story in the windows version?

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Once the main game is beaten, it is available in 'Extras' menu. Select third option, ie, 'Burning Revenge'.

I've played the android version and there is a glitch in level 4 when i get out of the sewers and the game doesn't respond to any button i press.

Thank you so much for your reply. We have resolved the issue and uploading new version in few minutes. 

I need help. I bought your game in and when I reached stage 4 part 2 the controls dont work. I bought this for 7$ can you fix it in DLsite pls

I bought the android one by the way. Im using Samsung s10 Android 10. can you pls update the ones in Dlsite coz it costs much more than here so its kinda disappointing to receive a bugged product.

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Thank you for your reply. We have already sent patched product to DLsite but they are not able to update it there as hash code of the file is same according to them. We will try it again until they update the file. We are really sorry for your inconvenience. 

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As we have full control over product page on this site we can provide latest update much faster. We are requesting you to share your proof of purchase on DLSite and your email address on our contact email address so that we can provide you redemption code to redeem this product for free on this site. Once you done that please allow us some time so that we can make this product compatible for you device aspect ratio,ie,19x9.

thanks for the fast reply. This is my proof in dlsite but no need to free it for me anymore as I already bought this in your official site. I just hope that this game will have more stages and etc. Kinda hard to find games like this that is available on smartphones. Thanks for the reply again. looking forward for future updates

Hello Mr, wriggler123, thank you for your understanding we really value customers like you. DLsite have updated the product on their site please check and let us know.