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Note:- Please try demo version first to check system compatibility before purchasing the game.  If a Mac user have "Big Sur" or "Catalina" installed you may not be able to play the game as Gatekeeper will not allow this app to open. As of now there is no confirm working solution for this issue.


Android, PC and Mac(Mac users please read the note).


Ken's story-

You play as Ken a college student. One day your friends were attacked by Red Kat Gang and they have stolen there belongings. Now it's up to you to get them back.

There are 5 stages and 5 bosses in his story.

Game contains 26 sex animations and 6 images that can be views in extras mode.

When enemy is beaten you have options to get HP point or have sex to recover your KI.

HP points can be used to recover health.

Anko's story-

You play as Anko, Ken's little sister. Someone has made contract with one of the fearsome gang in order to get you x-rated videos. While you were away they have attacked your classmates. Can you save them from this gang?

There are 3 stages and 4 bosses in her story.

Anko has 10 sex animations and 5 images which can be view again in extras mode.

When you beat an enemy you get they randomly drop food items. Each food item have different effects such as sushi adds 1 HP point, apple adds 2 HP points and add some KI power and chicken adds 5 HP points.

Don't get hit 3 times within short period of time or Anko will be knocked out allowing enemies to have sex with her. To recover from knockout state press Left or Right (or Revive Button for Android) repeatedly to wake her up.



Version 1.4:-
A/D - Move
J- Punch
K/Space- Jump
U- Ki Power (Bat swing for Anko)
F- H Scene (Ken only)
V- HP Points  (Ken only)
E- Heal
R- Revive  (Ken only)
O- Max Ki Power
P-  +10 HP Points

Old Version:-
Left/Right - Move
D- Punch
S- Jump
A- Ki Power (Bat swing for Anko)
F- H Scene (Ken only)
V- HP Points  (Ken only)
E- Heal
R- Revive  (Ken only)



In android version tap while playing tap on "Count" or "Score"(Anko's gameplay) to add extra health points.


Demo version has only 2 stages of Ken's story.

  • After downloading the app. Need to turn on install unknown apps setting for installation process.
  • Please check your device resolution or aspect ratio compatibility with demo versions. Currently added aspect ratios are 16:9,18:9 and 19:9. (If your android device doesn't support these aspect ratio let us know in the comment with your device aspect ratio detail or manufacturer and model. We will make compatible version as soon as possible.)

Update v.1.4.2(22/09/2021)

-Final Image unlocking issues.

Update v.1.4.1(03/05/2021)

-Masumi Image(Anko's Story)

Update v.1.4(25/12/2020)

-Boss Fight 3 tree trunk glitch resolved.

-Removed censorship.

Update v.1.3.2


-Stage 4.2 button glitch fixed.

Update v.1.3.1


Anko's story.

-Boss moves towards player even though player is occupied.


Anko's story.

-DP animation glitch.

-Boss moves towards player even though player is occupied.

-Score and HP points UI fix.

There will be a remastered version of the game once 5000 copies are sold.

Updated 28 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Release date Jan 21, 2020
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(106 total ratings)
GenreAction, Fighting
Made withGIMP, Unity, Blender
Tags2D, Adult, college, Erotic, high-school, Pixel Art
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese


Buy Now$1.49 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.49 USD. You will get access to the following files:

gallery.zip 2 MB
CollegeBrawlMacFullScreen.zip 46 MB
CollegeBrawlMacWindowed.zip 46 MB
CB.v.1.3.1.zip 76 MB
CollegeBrawl16x9.apk 46 MB
CollegeBrawl18x9.apk 46 MB
CollegeBrawl19x9.apk 46 MB
CBAndroid.1.4.2.apk 49 MB
CBMac.1.4.2.zip 47 MB
CBPC_x64.1.4.2.zip 46 MB
CBPC_x86.1.4.2.zip 44 MB

Download demo

CBDv1.3.zip 63 MB
CollegeBrawlDemo16x9.apk 38 MB
CollegeBrawlDemo18x9.apk 38 MB
CBDemoMacFullScreen.zip 40 MB
CBDemoMacWindowed.zip 40 MB

Development log


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new update when?

I will begin work on it if HTA or LSH is done.

will there be a unsense of this gam

Will this game ever get a update more levels animation characters? Or it just ends here?

I am planning to begin working on remake of the game once either HTA of LSH is done.

will you have to pay for remake or no if you already paid for this version?


Não consigo realizar a compra do pacote de jogos e nem de nenhum jogo individual, o que pode estar acontecendo ?

(4 edits) (+2)

Are you aware of your games being pirated and somehow spammed all over TikTok Live? getting a lot of people banned or suspended for streaming it. Both this and Hailey's Treasure Adeventure 


it's already pirated in many website. I have never used Tiktok but I'm sure they don't allow NSFW content so they are rightfully getting banned.

they are getting banned, but there's so much of it posted that i still get it almost daily on my fyp

I must say that I found out about your games through Tik Tok.  I downloaded HTA for free, I liked it and yesterday I bought it from you.  So tik tok is good advertising.  I've been on streams many times and a lot of people ask for the name of the game to play

if i buy the game do i have to buy it again if there is more things added to it?

No, as long as you have access to the email you purchased the game with or this page is not deleted.

Are you gonna make lustful spirit hunt playable for mobile soon or late?

I will try after 100% completing it for PC.


Hey lags is it true that your still working on remaking college brawl meaning remodeling the characters and stuff?

The work will resume once HTA or LSH is done.

I already reported to taptap discord server, waiting for reply

Your game is on Taptap


Hello again LAGS!! I believe this game would be easier to make, I know you're focused on LSH or Hailey but you could launch a first stage of REMAKE, it would be a dream, I love all the characters you've already created, I even imagine a secret fight with some character from your other games.


I'm already busy with two incomplete project right now. Adding a third one will only cause me more trouble with my commitment with these two games. Also the remake will use different engine and it will take me a while to learn coding for that engine.

Any idea when you will get to this in the future?

I'm yet to complete any of those game. Development will begin in next year if I manage to complete HTA by this year.


I think your game popped up elsewhere on the site. I didn't download it to check since I don't want to chance a virus or anything.



Wow, I wouldn't have noticed it if you didn't tell me. I have reported to itch support and they will take care of it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.


Hi not just CB but also HTA of yours

And also Hole House https://virajjagtap.itch.io/hole-house
and Jade Chamber Sunshine https://virajjagtap.itch.io/jade-chamber-sunshine


Yeah, I've seen it too. This guy must woke up today and decided, let's post bunch of other people works on my page and claim it as mine.


And there goes SurVive... also some other dev said that their copy was (surprisingly) pirated and infected. Plus wow that person is churing up games like crazy... I hope Itch won't take too long.

Hello, I can't get past the stage 3 boss, she stays still and I can't hit her.

Try restarting the game rush to her.

Deleted 201 days ago
(1 edit) (-1)

For real! I'm mean I never cared about people downloading it from pirated sites but news of pirating it on official sites is quite discouraging.

Do you mean creating a separate page for demos or something because it's already separated and he could be talking about older version which is there in demo.

You can contact me on:- ingeniusagestudios@gmail.com

So far I have not been able to replicate the exploit.

Maybe I have done it wrong, or itchio already fixed it.

Sorry for causing a false alarm.

how many more copies to sell before update ?

It is already decided that I will make a remake but trying to complete HTA or LSH before working on it.


Sorry for late response... You have to press W there.

can this be downloaded on iPhone ?

No, it's for PC, Android or Mac.


Hi ! do u have a release date to give to us about the remake of College Brawl ? 

I can't wait to see this new version :)


If either HTA or Ghost Game is done, will begin working on the remake.


When will the remastered version be released approximately?


If either HTA or Ghost Game is done, will begin working on the remake (copied)

Will the remastered version be for free? If not can you keep this one up and make it free once the remastered one is out?


I think I have removed it but I have stated earlier that remake will replace this version so if you have purchased it you don't have to pay for normal remake version again. This old version will be available to in demo section after remake is uploaded.




Una pregunta como uso a Anko en el juego  no se como porfa

Defeat Ken's story. Her story will be available to play in extras.

I'm a dumbo, but how do you beat first level?

You have to keep moving to the right and fight boss in 1-3.

Do a part 2 or new levels


I'm too far from creating a part two of it but will be working on a remake of this game once any of current project is complete.




I'm planning to create remake of this game soon.


when is the college brawl update?

If any of current project at hand is done. Will begin working on remake.

how do you full screen this game


Pressing Alt+Enter should make game full screen.

el mejor juego de todos me gustaría que agregaran más para la travesía del joven y nuevas enemigas femeninas 


It's not going to be updated any more but in future planning to remake this game.

i guess u gonna update the remake no? 


Yes, I'm working on two games at a time. Once HTA is done, that slot will be occupied by remake of this game.

wow ok thanks dude 


It is good game like hta?if it i want to buy it!!


Not as good as that game. But you can buy it once it's remake is out.

when will this be updated its a great game


Will work on it along side another project once HTA is done.


This game is dope. Would be even doper with controller support.

how to play as the woman?


You have to complete the first campaign. Then it is available in the extras menu.

is it uncensored?


It is, even though demo isn't.

Sorry, Finals version? 


Yes this is the complete version of this game.

(1 edit)

Hey, do you have any need for a voice actress? I enjoyed your game and I’d like to contribute if you’re still working on it.


Hello, I don't use twitter so if there is anywhere else I could check your demo reel it would be great.

Okay I uploaded it to Mega: https://mega.nz/file/QbgQyJjb#NJLZktrpm5tgI6ZsTQ8A4JtvJSDyiE9G4kGj8kvt0iE 


Thank you I have checked your demo reel. My thoughts are your voice is more suitable for female antagonist of this game. Let me finish current WIP project so we can talk about this one.

Great! I’m excited. You can contact me on Discord at KarissaPresentsVA #3028 or email at scarletmoon322@gmail.com

hi i hope u remember me do uh bout what u sent in the link thought i could play full game TT oh well i guess i could try demo


Okay, so you meant free to play games. I have none right now except an obsolete build of Hailey's Treasure Adventure. Once remaster version is out this old game of CB will be available for free.

i dont think thats a good idea, coz those who paid 4 this game will feel bad that they spent money while others got it 4 free!


Paid version will be replaced with remastered version so I think it's fine.

(1 edit) (-1)

You pay,you get front seat,you dont,wait for the next bus. In other words,if you pay you get now the acces,you dont,you wait 1 year or more for free game. But worth to pay for though,great games,and we can see how lags evolved from his first game till present,cant wait for future,will be awesome!

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