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It would be good if game developer added more breeder type monster i think theres only 3(worm, scorpion, and bee) and second is i would like to see more different species cooperate to fuck hailey. I mean theres example zombie and spider can fuck her together.

There will a total of 5 multi species animations in the final version.


I strongly suggest there should be a zoom in function in gallery mode!

Can i get answer? Games have two type update function. First from store where it belongs. Second is update downloading in game not in site. I wanted to know before i buy this game. Will my playtime be saved in next update? And where i download new update?

This game is not distributed by official store (Google or Apple). So all updates for phones must be done manually by downloading app installer. And no there is no update option in game itself. And unfortunately app is not available on smart phones.

At least for android (and PC) devices progress remains saved and it is continued in new version. If for example you go from to 0.6 than your save should work. 0.2.1 is not compatible with newer version, so if you are able to play this version your progres will not be usable in newer versions.

Thanks for answer and one more thing if i buy this game connected with this gmail when developer uploads update here i can download it?

(2 edits) remembers your purchases. So you can get to paid content through "My library" at top right. Or at landing page of any product at the top will be notification that you own that product and link do download. And also Itch will notify you when product you purchased has been updated via mail.

That is my general experience with this platform.

Thanks men for answer again

When will the Annie expedition mode be released

In the final version

I want to buy this game but where do i get updates? In phone if i install or in site?

I've been trying to unlock this animation for a long time, the rest I've already managed to unlock but this is the only one I can't, how do I unlock it? ;-;

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You buy it from the shopkeeper, it's one of her alt costumes

That should be masturbation scene for CHERRY RED skin for Hailey. It is unlocked by owning that skin.

I have 29 achievments completed on the norml android version (not demo) but still dont know how to unlock the 5th costume under naked. I read u need 25 but im past that and nothing.  Hoe do u get the costume that says data missing or whatever

I don't think there is another Outfit after the naked one

My apologies for confusion. In current version there are only 4 costumes for Hailey. But in game code in achievements naked skin unlock is marked as skin 5... and also naked costume was 5th in the list in 0.2.1. So my bad.

for now I only have version, do you have a more updated version?

No, this is the latest version of this game right now, the next one will be over a week or 2

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sorry to ask more when would you release the new update for android?

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If pattern of previous releases remains, Android is first platform to actually get updated. So as stated many times now last info from LAGS is release between 5th and 10th of October.

Oh thanks ! :D

are some of the monsters needed for the achievements not in the game yet? (trying to unlock the outfit) i can't find slimes, mummies, golems, mantis, head hunters, and ass-ass-in 

It's not possible yet so you should just grind the rubies, here's my strategy: use explorer, teleport (at start) on lvl 13 ignore the goblin area, and teleport right after you get the stuff behind the prone saw

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You don't need all achievements (those of creatures that are not jet in game) to get that outfit.

You need at least 25 completed achievements (in to unlock skin 5 and there is 31 unlockable achievements in this version.

Edit to clarify: Naked skin is 4th skin in the list. But in game code (achievements) it is marked as 5th (most likely legacy thing because in 0.2.1 it was 5th skin, or it will be moved when last skin gets released). So my apologies for confusion.

Deleted 2 days ago

Would you mind telling me how to summon sugar as well?

In "A Sweet World" lvl 8. There is hidden area. That can only be accessed by penitent individual (hint can be found in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade").



How to fix this? The background on surface was fine but on the mine it was broken I'm playing on android

Same with me

That's just the demo

Is it possible to change resolution of the game especially in windowed mode?

is there a way to re-fight Sugar without clearing the save file?


Not any that was disclosed. But you don't need to reset the whole save, just to modify SaveData.txt file in *\AppData\LocalLow\LAGS\Hailey's Adventure\
By changing "caneLost":true to false
And for before fight conversation change "knowsCane":1 to 0


Deleted 2 days ago

The delay was kinda expected, but I'm glad LAGS is cutting out some content to  focus on getting a new version out rather than trying to delay until it's 100% done.

Did LAGs already write something about a delay? I mean, I was expecting it, but technically September has still a few hours left

It's in the "rebuilding" section, that's where he posts most of the details about upcoming updates

I know the rebuilding section. But really can't find anything about the delay of the current update 😅 Maybe I'm blind?


God, I'm stupid. I found it

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Where is it?

If you go the rebuilding page and then scroll down to version 0.6. LAGs updated the ETA to 5th-10th Oct.

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Will we get 5P goblins animation in the future for rebuilt version?

If I recall correctly it is planed, with more goblin stylized level design. Or at least more goblin appropriate level.

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Thanks for the answer, good to know it was planed

When will Hailey's Adventure Version 6.0 Release?

About week or 2

Around the end of September

Was moved, look into rebuild DevLog

"Update:- v.0.6 - (ETA 5-10 Oct) - Strikethrough content will be available in the next update."

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Hey lags,just found a glitch on goblins level cave. After 2p animation is done with a goblin,hailey just keep the 2 sec invincibility recover process till you finish the level.Im using windows but this didnt happen when i played that level last time in the same 5.4.2 up.

Update. Not till you finish the level but rather till you get the treasure from that level.

What seems to be the issue. Is it that Hailey cant be hurt for that duration or she keeps flickering? I was not able to replicate it it would be helpful if you could post a video with this issue.

She kept flickering and was invincible during that time. When that happened felt like a developing stuff so that you can test the level from start to finish without stops.That kept up till i got to the chest and claimed the content from within. Cant help with the vid as that bug occur rarely, very.

anyone know what the best level to farm rubies is? Trying to get the naked skin, but 1500 is a big number farm for

Prob level 10 or 11 idk (the one have snow), it the biggest map in the and had alot of enemies or since you got rubies from killing monster just let the spider, scorpion,bee fuck you and lay a tons of eggs then kill them all

13 with explorer skin, if you get the path right you can do it in under 3 minutes (with teleport) for a decent 50 rubies

I can't get past the spikes trying to jump up but can't to get the chest in the third stage am I doing something wrong 

You just need a decent timing for the jump that's all

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Oh? A new zombie variant? Nice,i look forward to it,im curios about it,how will be different from the existing ones and we have what some asked,shop keeper gettin banged by smthXD. On 8 oct i guess we will have the final version of 0.6 announced when we will know 100% what this up will contain. Nice work lags,you take from your time to satisfy everyones expectations and for some, even to add stuffs that werent in the original plan. Keep the good work! And if i would ask, can you give us a hint about the new variant of zombie? To make our imaginations go wild wille we wait for up.


Finally September is going to end 🔚

Do someone remember where in the old build is the room with 4 goblins? I can't find it, already played twice all rooms 9-21

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it is in level with three sets of lever operated doors and behind one set there is secret passage

heyLAGS why can't I runHTA0.2.2.APK 

I always exit abnormally when I enter a level

Hello, that is do to that version of the game not being able to run on most android devices. That is reason why this whole game is being reworked.

If you want to play on android device play Or you can play older version on PC.


where can i find the fullest version of hte older one? I've been searching and i get the feeling it's obvious and i'm just missing it. I see the demos here, is that the only one available?


In demo section there are versions marked as "old".  Lags made the obsolete version available for free. Which are version 0.2.1, before rebuild, containing 21 levels and mobs that are to be added to rebuild version. Some mobs are exclusive to rebuild version. And also there is problem with android version that it most likely won't run on your android device.

Can't wait for the update at the end of September

ah guys I cant find the new monsters including the mantis, headhunters, and the others in the latest update and also the sugar boss as well please help me find it

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mantis, head hunters, and others are in the old verion 0.2.2 and Sugar is in the rebuild version, hidden.

Is there a discord?

I don't have discord.

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I just wanted to say how great this game is, and how amazing the pricing is, unironically I'd expect most devs to put this level of polish and gameplay up for like $15-$20

Good to hear you like the game but such price range is for indie 3d games.


Questions is there any discord server from you LAGS

There is not discord server.

Hello, I downloaded the demo recently and shortly after version 0.2.1, I am trying to play it but simply when I give it a "start" in level 1 it closes automatically, I already tried deleting the demo data and uninstalling it, ¿ Could someone tell me what I have to do? Thanks in advance :D

Did demo worked? Or it crashed as well. If it did work then you have to download v.0.5.4. The version you are trying to play doesn't support all Android devices.

Yes, demo worked, thx


Halfway there, end of September closer every day

is that when the next update is?


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Are there going to be any scenes with the shopkeeper?


LAGS said that possibly. But no sooner than main game is done aka 1.0.


Only one and will let people figure it out by themselves.

where is the save file located? I want to import the save file into the newest version


yeah i'm having a similar problem where i want to import my android saves to window

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Here for rework version on windows: *\AppData\LocalLow\LAGS\Hailey's Adventure\
Here for old one: *\AppData\LocalLow\LAGS\Haileys' Treasure Adventure\

Also rework version keeps all save data across versions in Windows. On android it once before deleted them for me but that was like version 2 and 3 of rerelease.


Why is September so slow?


I wonder though,how will be made the golem gallery there is a "little" gap in sizesXD


Hailey is very soft and flexible, she can take it as long as its wet enough 😔


Lags love the work you put into this game.

And do remember to relax sometimes.


Wake me up when September ends

Small question, what is the bestiary planned for the game? Do you plan to add Werewolves, Alien, maybe references to movies or games?


So far the variety of bestiary is large enough.

And personally I would prefer to stay unspoiled for the roadmap of game development.

If dev wishes to keep certain updates secret for improved gameplay value, then in my opinion we should wait for it.

Maybe there is werewolves, mayhe there's not. Would be quite anticlimatic if it was completely revealed before the update release. 

Things are more interesting if they are more secretive.😍


There will be no such things. Lags already announced a wille ago the enemy's you will encounter in the final version. More stuffs means more work for him and already from my point of view,to re-make the game from 0 after you finished it is stressing and annoying at some point,my opinion. There will be some special enemy's but nothing more. But the idea of aliens and etc can be used for future games in his list,as for the next 7-9 months till Hailey game gets finished,will not see em. But I hope lags will use some old concepts in future games as gallery images or animations as they are a succes in each game. If SurVive had animations too and a platformer type gameplay like Hailey adventure has, I guess was another outstanding succes,as it is already a succes from gallery point of view and exploring part, even if it is static.

I don't have plans to implement additional stuff other than the promised one for this game. But such ideas could be used in future projects related to it.


When is the update I can't wait I'm excited about it

I answered this literally the comment right before yours

I didn't see your comment, please tell me 

Dude, literally scroll down


bro  when u gonna launch a new update ?


If you look in the rebuilding you'll see that he mentioned that the end of September is the current goal for next release

oh thanks bro 


Just came here to say that I love your game! The animations and models are just superb, down to the way Hailey crawls, or the way she sways slightly when jumping on a rope. It's just immaculate.

If I could make one suggestion, i think it would be fantastic to have a zoom function. Ty so much for your hard work and lovely game!

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