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i defeated sugar boss without getting the animation, is there any way i can get the animation?  plus when im trying to get annie bee the bee just glitches out and stuck

Cuando nueva actualizacion y sera gratis o siempre solo pagando

I can't provide any certain date until some more work is done. Right now working on the ghost hunting game but shift my focus back to HTA once an update is done.

The game is going to stay 2$ and if you buy it anytime you will not have to pay for updates again.

ok gracias estare esperando 

Does anyone know how to pass the green door here? 

I tried to activate the green lever in level 16 and then return to 14, but nothing changed, can someone help pls?

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Need to obtain the key from the cell at the other side of the starting platform of lvl 14, it's somewhere on lvl 15 iirc

To get to Zombie girl, you need to explore the level - find statue and follow its direction...

That lever in level 16 just resets the puzzle in level 16.

Thank you


Update news?

where can i farm gems for skins?

Just kill monsters, spiders etc

anyone know when to see the next updat

How to get this last animation ?

Honey Bee + Spider

how to find?

Go to extras --> Alternate Skins and buy the skins there to unlock the animation.

Does anyone know when the next update will be?


As soon as he will finish the new project.

The first animation that we unlock with the worms, what would be its porn tag?


the new version is planed to this year?


Yes, I want to complete current version of the new project then will focus on this game only.


Can this game be downloaded for free in the future:)(我只能用翻译了)

I dont think so, but its only 2$ its afordable


I like whoring for nothing;p


In the game Hailey's treasure adventure old build v.0.2, how can I pass level 18, the red lever is down and I can't access the chest, is it a bug?

How do u unlocked the gate and the wall with the green lever on map 14. I swear that I've gone through everything on the map and cant find where u get the key nor on where to find the green lever. 

It's in either level 15 or 16 I can't remember which

Yeah saw the lever but nothing happens. Do u just pull it complete the level or pull it and back out to level 14.

Can you make a story or level where hailey got kidnap and annie will play 5 or more levels so she can rescue hailey, so there will be a animation for annie

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Not exactly it, but is planed (in Rebuilding (Latest)) devlog):
"New Plans(15/03/22):-

Annie's Expedition:-

Gameplay :- Collect egg samples/object and return to surface to complete a level. She is weak so she uses jetpack to reach higher ground. But this jetpack has limited fuel that recharge overtime.

Three levels playable as Annie.

Some exclusive animations to this game mode:- Zombie, Skeleton, Bat, Goblins and Ground Mole."

Also not sure is ground mole is planed enemy or was canceled.

Ok thanks

Can you plss update the demo when u update the original server of the game? I'll be back for the answer

I did not get want you mean by original server.

Sorry, what i mean is can you also update the demo when you update the game


Me pueden ayudar tengo problemas con conseguir esas 2 escenas 

es con 3 y 4 goblis

anda a saber donde se consigue asdjajsd

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you have to go through this wall at level 15

How do you use annie?

There is no gameplay of her in current version but you can lay an egg near her.

You can't

Bug: Anim in red circle uses sex audio and not oral audio

Question: The animation in the red square is fixed (doesn't move).  Is that the expected behavior or is it a bug?  Not even sure how I got this one.

Well, thank you for reporting it. Will have it fixed in upcoming update.


what is this 'cabbage' thing and how do you use it?


I think it's just a decoration


Bro that is a soccer ball im pretty sure the reason was because the update came out when the world cup was happening

It's a volleyball, not a soccer ball

no I'm pretty sure it's a soccer ball when you find the poster for the girl next to the ball it says she was lost during football practice also im pretty sure the update description that added that level said that apparently goblins love football 

It is a sprite that will come along with the 3rd missing girl. I was not suppose to be visible if she is not found.


The only thing you should fix is the map,is to tiring pausing the game then selecting the map all the time,also make the buttons optional,for example on phones you can't see the game clearly bc of the buttons,it would be great if we can customise it,well nvm that this game is 10/10 I will support you every time,but you need to create an Insta account so we can keep up with your content,you said you had a YouTube channel but I can't seem to find it, thanks for your time.....


They fix the map or remove it, that would also be interesting.  Yes, you can customize the buttons in the options menu.  the Youtube channel is


Ah thank you


Congratulations to the creators of the game, I have never seen such a good erotic game that can also be played on phones, its story is very addictive and interesting, the puzzles and hidden places are good, I wish the game was available in other languages such as For example Spanish or Portuguese, I would also really like them to increase their level of difficulty, since it is too easy to beat the levels.  

I would like to pay an understandable price of 10 dollars and get a code to enable the game, so it would not be free for some players who download the apk on other websites, so only players who have their codes could play, this way they would have more money to invest in the game, finally I would like many more levels with secret hidden places and of course more sex.

I am improving on second language system so that players can translate game themselves (I would be simply using machine translator) or write dialogues themselves.

I can't do much about difficulty because it wasn't planned in the first place. I will try something in the future for spike up the difficulty a bit.

People are going to find ways to get around copy protection so it's best I don't waste time into that. Besides I have examples of people liking this game so much bought it after playing an unofficial version.

There's gonna be any nintendo 3ds edition?


course not bro what kind of question is that 

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Sad. ;(

when is the update?


Good sir I have come to comment that you are an amazing game creator and I wish that you carry on with the wonderful content for many years. Good luck and may you bless us with these amazing games far into the future. (Im currently lit and wanted to encourage you in the only way I know how.) 


Doing great work LAGS keep it up ! A good game is always worth the wait

I'm a mobile player, I was complete all level of latest version and now I'm playing older version to see what is different. So LAGS, what's the name of the music in old version?

Alguien sabe cómo conseguir la llave de la selda y abrír la otra celda de palanca, en el nivel 14?

yo lo vi en youtube fijate ahi.


I havea question. when the new update comes out how do i play it without losing any progress on mobile?


The new update date isn't set yet. Dev works alone, it's not a game company. 

Need time to draw art, scriptwriting, code, fix bugs, test play and etc.

Its not helping when there's also pirated version out there.

Therefore it is wiser to wait patiently, since this is an indie game.


but that does not answer is question, his question was how does he not lose any progress he made in this version of the game on his mobile version, when he is starting to play the new version, which will come in the future


You don't loose progres on version upgrade, all save data should migrate unless something funky happens. 

As long as Lags doesnt make a new page for the game youll have free updates. I purchased the game 200+ days ago on this page and still have access to download it. But if a new page is made and a new price is asked then youll have to buy the newest game on that page

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You don't lose your save file when you update. The new version is treated as a regular app update, overwriting the previous one and preserving the save files, meaning you will be able to play normally.

according to others answer from the creator that is not possible on mobile

Some people have unlimited money and rubbies, how do i do/get that?

There is no way of doing that. They must have edited save file or modified game.

Oh? Thanks for letting me know!


when will the next hailey's treasure adventure update be

It is being worked on please be patient.


ok man thanks i really want to play this new update

Why the version that I download is 0.6.3, but when I play it is the version 0.6.2?

good question O.O


It still should be 0.6.3, but the version number text wasn't updated. I think LAGS addressed this in a previous comment.

ok, thanks


pre-order has been completed, when is the version update?

Do you mean the ghost hunting one? It should be done in three weeks.

You have to wait three more weeks, I think there will be version 0.7 right away

I meant that time period for the ghost hunting one. Not this game.

so when will update version 0.7? I'm really looking forward to it

You have to wait until mid to end of april at least,if not even june as this is the last part of the game and the end for hailey route. So this will be a major update,either this or lags will split it in 2 parts so that you get content faster.Next in line after the hailey route will be annie route with her own few levels and stuffs.

And for android when will it be for android

Need to be patient. LAGS works alone on this game and others, and as such, updates are less common. I expect it to arrive by the end of March or April

Hola! Amo este juego quisiera saber si la próxima actualización está Serca? Y si implementarán el golem y los otros mounstros? :)

Hello, I can't tell how much time it is going to take right now. All enemies mentioned in devlog of update 0.7 will be there.

hello, i'm talking about pre-order there 2.53$ game Treasure Adventure  what is there? is there a new update or not? if I buy

The pre-order is for ghost game. If you buy a game anytime you will not have to pay again for updates.

I already bought how to find out what the update was?

I will be posting info in a devlog with what is changed and what stuff is added. For now it will be added in existing devlog with the title ' Extended Demo and v0.1 Plans'.

can you link directly to your devlog i want to watch .


When I click on the burgers with my mouse on PC it gives me more burgers. is this a bug or a (secret) feature?


Did you buy the annie costume thats says 25% more consumables if u buyed it then it will give u more burgers(Btw this is not a bug)if you want to gain hp or your dress back (that is torn by the monsters) you need to click this


It's a testing feature that is going to stay until Hailey's story is complete.


Are Golems, Slimes, Mummies, and Mantis not in the game anymore?

Eso viene en las siguientes actualizaciones, pero si quieres conseguir la skin de que dan al completar todos los logros, esa skin lo puede conseguir en la ruleta de los últimos niveles

How do i play as annie on mobile and how do i get to fight the witch? i just started the assassin level

So far Annie's gameplay isn't available yet.

Please patiently wait for the next update, since the game is made by one-person only, an indie game.

There are cones everywhere in level 8 that gives u a hint that there is a way you need to follow the cones

Shes so hard to beat

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Well thats true👍but im glad you found it🙂👍

U should make more games for android too

Making games take a lot of time and mental energy, everyone would love to make games, but the resources isn't always available. 

LAGS is an indie game dev that works alone, so please give dev some time to polish the masterpiece,

will do so😀👈☝I hope to see more

Wait really??"?!?! Dev works alone??! I thought he had some workers

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