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whose that girl and where can I find her

Try exploring same side of cave after getting back the jetpack.

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Please tell me how to unlock shopkeeper scene. In the previous version 0.7, I could watch it.... But can I no longer watch it?

Which one? For new shopkeeper you must annoy her by accessing and leaving without buying anything multiple times until you get same message by her. Then bring Mason to her.

Is it that simple? I have already tried so many ways, but this one is so easy, as it turned out... Thank you, LAGS 😉

Where do the missing girl in level 15?

can someone help me? 

Lags can you tell me if Android version of 7.1 coming ?

Only your choice if you wanna tell

Android wont be updated until Lags is done with 1.0 for pc/mac

oh ok!

Just started trying to make my own game. Does anybody think if LAGS would mind my attempt at recreating one of his scrapped levels in 3d to test myself?


I would love to see recreation of those level in 3D.

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Did Mac just introduce himself to Annie as Mason or was he renamed for good?

Yes, he is renamed to fit more with his Japanese name. Mac is not name of his grandfather.

Please help me how open other map

find all the missing girls and the top right one (above the starting level) should appear. Only the first 3 levels (middle bottom, start level, top right) in annie is finished

Rescue an abducted girl in level 8. Look for cloths to find the secret place.

How do i access zombie girls laptop?

It can't be.

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I have two questions.

1. Where is a goal net in Lv1?

2. In main game Lv1, Hailey's appearance is changed by accessing the laptop. What effect does it have? For what purpose?

Sorry for my poor English.

Net is easy to locate by going to the large area in the bottom left there will be a single quadpus in the corner and the net near him net will only appear after lvl 3 net mission is clear. Lvl 1 net appears not to available most likely have to wait for next update.

Thank you very much, You've been very helpful!!

It's there just out of sight.

Deleted 10 minutes ago

It went well. Thank you very much, LAGS!!

Hailey's appearance makes her invincible to everything. Even fall damage. It deals more damage to enemies. After some time the effect expires.

thanks, for the update. Are the images with text just placeholders?


Already take the ball and shoot to goal 🥅 I know right under map and i went to up ⬆️ and they show up and accept the challenge  but what i do after that to get the Scene 

If you explain it with picture ill be thankful 

Go to other maps for challenge.

Alright I give up, can someone please give me a hint on where to find the balls? I've hugged every wall and corner of the Annie levels. Literally spent 4 hours searching for these things haha. And yes I already checked the zombie girl for clues. I already did the skull part.

Other maps!

Like in the Hailey maps or just Annie maps? Ive been to all the Annie map and a select few of the Hailey ones looking for it. 

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Annie's. She is challenging Annie you know. You can't miss them. They don't appear until you score the skull in level 3 and talk to heather (red haired girl) to begin the challenge.


I'm wondering if there is a bug stopping them from spawning then. Like op I can't find the balls anywhere, even after starting the challenge.

Yes! This is exactly what is happening to me.

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I did the skull in the goal and talked to the red head already. I think it might be bugged because everytime I come into the level the red head starts the same dialogue like if I just kicked the skull in. I also noticed that the worm and bat map is bugged because the arrow that you walk into to finish the map doesn't trigger when you walk into it.

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Ya I'm starting to think its bugged too. I just noticed that the game is not saving after I kick the skull in the net and talk to the red head. But this only happens if I turn the game off and back on again. And when I talk to Heather she acts like its the first time I started her dialogue.

Update: I thought some of the old files might be conflicting with the new version and I think I was right. I had different versions of the game in their own folder all in one folder. After isolating 7.1.1 to its own folder the game saved normally. But I think it auto completed the challenges for me because when I start the zombie map Heather and mac are at the entrance and saying I hit the ball into the net and the "goal!" icon is showing under Annie's picture in the top left. 

Moonray Sinkhole seems to be bugged for me though. Still cant complete it and no ball shows up.

So I'm unsure about this but here after accepting heather challenge in level 3 I return to lvl 1 to find a ball nearby heather and mason I couldn't find a net however I was able tranverse the landscape(just kicking  the ball from one end to the other and heather give me a new dialogue about how I cheated using the jetpack. I'm unsure about if this means I beat the challenge but it something.

1. Where are all the missing girls??
2. How do I access the zombies laptop?

Level 8, 15, 13 and 3(after unlocking level 11).

hi lags i see the all missing girls but i got level 4 only on annie expedition is this bug??

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LAGS, how does your creative process work in your games? Do you usually draw a sketch of the characters? Write what their personalities will be like? Do you need to think a lot about how to fit them into the timeline and between games?

Another thing are the games College Brawl and SurVive part of the HTA and LSH universe? So far I've only noticed College Brawl being mentioned in LSH


I'm making sure all the quest and story matches with Magic Ring and Hailey's Adventure 2. College Brawl happens in other city in year 1 of Magic Ring while LSH happen in year 4. Survive and some other game are not part of this universe since zombie apocalypse is nothing for some characters as they are not stronger than regular humans.

I create a character  with how their base personality would be and write a storyline for them eventually. If you played LSH you will know the pink haired girl was just a delivery girl and a former nurse of Hillford asylum. But now I'm done writing her complete questline for Magic Ring. She will be offering Mason food in Magic Ring if player don't have any money left. She will see him as her son but it will up to player to keep it wholesome like that or not.

How do I play as annie?

in the main menu in the extras there option called Annie expedition.

First you'll needed to find missed the girls in the Hailey levels, after this just access menu -> extra and and Annie expedition been available. Each girl finded unlock a level.

i already paid this game twice but i dont know how to play the latest one. Please help me !!! i want to play the latest version's the latest one dude)

What do you mean by new version? The version you are playing is the latest which is 7.1.1. Now, if you want to play with Annie, you will first have to rescue the girls lost in Hailey's stages, explore the maps in the main game to unlock them.

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Hey LAGS my game gets freezed every 2 seconds since i downloaded 0.7.1 and and it happens only when i change the key bindings

Does it only happens after changing key binding and not all the time. Backup your save files then try to delete input binding manually by opening Registry Editor.

Follow 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > LAGS' and delete Hailey's Adventure folder. Restart your computer and check again.


When new version for android ?

LAGS I must say level 1 secret took me a whole week to figure out. But your hint was very helpful. Thanks hope you feeling better.



Yo LAGS, can you give a hint of this? It will be great.

how to unlock this map?

He commented that this will be part of a future update. No need to worry about that now.


I don't have enough money in Annie expedition. Please tell me efficient ways to make money. (Sorry for my bad English.)


Annie cant but Hailey can since money transfers over just grind with Hailey then switch over to Annie.

hey LAGS.. im sorry but how to update my game... right now my Hailey's adventure at V.0.6.2... please tell me how to update my game... if i must pay then ill pay... thank you 

you need to download the new version, if you pay for it, look at the very top right to see your account name

then click it, and click "my library"

then you should be able to see it

I saw the picture unlock in the upper right corner in the game,Why is it not shown in the serotic images?l use machine translation.

Can someone tell me how to get the football in other locations because I cannot find it


what with this guy?


How did u get the football?

how to unlock this map?

Where are the footballs in other locations?

Why do I only have 16 maps in the most updated board today?

How to get new maps?


You have to find missing girls in Hailey's gameplay. Each girl unlocks a level and 3 can be played at the moment. Go to Extra menu and select Annie's expedition to play.

Reporting possible error here:

When i trying to interact with this NPC she's not have any dialogue, and worst, i can't exit from this, my  game stay stuck.

This started to happen after I noticed something, on level 2 the boy who was previously fucking the red-haired woman's breasts disappeared, she even asks where he went but I don't know if that has anything to do with that.

how to get red haired woman scene?mine at the boy admiring the woman ass. how to advance the scene?. thanks


It has nothing to do with that.



how did u get this scene?


Yes, it's been reported and will be correct in future bugfix.

How did you reach this point? How did you get this green girl ?

How to trigger the scene with Annie and the Goblins?

There are none. Annie and Goblin idea have been scrapped because I realized a continuity error they will cause for future game.


 Guys where is this page in the game i cant find this cave so i can play freely with any character my game dont havei it


This was part of a previous build, it was under the extras menu labeled as a scene viewer iirc. They took it out for some reason or another, I think because they were reworking one of the enemies

Thank you my friend <3


Dear lags, plaese make any update in android vertion, we still waiting for that..?


He will, but it takes time as game file need to be modified.


lag already sayed that he will when the game is at ver 1.0, be patient


He said that the android version will be out on version 1.0 in otherwords when the game releases

i hope dev doing good for some device to play


When will it be released on Android?

Not until 1.0


but when 1.0 version for android release?

Prolly about some long long and looong time,maybe a year,idk

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does anyone know why Annie's name is sometimes Ayako and Hailey's is sometimes Himawari? Is it their nickname?


You are using other language if you see there names like that.

Hey, sorry if I am just blind, but is there a changelog somewhere, to see what has changed? Thanks!


See the one labelled 0.7.1 and


This guy is a beast, literally making this masterpiece of a game all by himself. Hats off to lags.


Thank you very much.

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